The article shared news about Accident Metabetchouan, which killed one minor and left four others still in hospital. Do you worry about the frequent accidents at Route 169 and Rang 2? Residents in the Lac-a-la-Croix region of Metabetchouan worry that another accident could result in the death of a child. Canada’s netizens are expressing concern over a similar accident that occurred on this spot.

As they work together to address this issue, people are not ready to let this happen so quickly. Four people sustained injuries in the Accident Metabetchouan, while one person was killed. Continue reading to learn more.

Accident at Range 2 and Route 169

At 4.45pm in the Metabetchouan region, a collision took place between a parked vehicle and an SUV. The incident occurred at the intersection of Route 69 and Rang 2. A parked car was struck by a moving utility vehicle.

The car was hit by four people, injuring all of them. Officer Surete de Quebec said that all four occupants were taken to hospital. However, a minor died while the other four received treatment.

Accident Metabetchouan Rescue Operation:

Five people were killed in the accident, one of which was the driver of the SUV. Later, the officer at the scene clarified that the minor who died in the accident was 11 years old. The rescue team arrived on the scene in good time and the investigating officer arrived at the accident site at 8.30pm.

Temporarily closed to vehicles from both directions. Drivers were instructed to find another route to their destination. A yellow light flashed at the spot to alert the driver to change his route. Residents are angry at the Accident Metabetchouan and expect a concrete solution in the coming days.

Social Media Reactions to Metabetchouan Collision

Travelers have been killed as a result of the accident, which has become a common occurrence at Route 169 and Rang 2 intersections. Locals were furious when a motorist was killed in the same spot in a fatal accident on the road.

People react strongly to the social media platform and blame the transport ministry, the municipal staff, as well as the provincial government. On 30th June 2020, a Facebook account was created under Securiser La 169 et Le Rang 2.

On Accident Metabetchouan, Minor Parents:

Yesterday’s collision left the parents of a little girl who died in hospital as the most hurt. On social media, the victim’s father said, “Today I lost the sun in my life.” My daughter died. Do something to prevent it from happening again. My beloved, good bye. As the life of others is lost, everyone becomes helpless in such situations.

Final verdict

Although this issue has been brought up for some time, no action has been taken. To minimize the risk of Accident Metabetchouan, some resolutions were reached such as slowing down the speed and asking for a roundabout to be built at the intersection.

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