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The Brazilian people Brazil are been informed that Andrea was detained due to different charges brought against her. The Criminal Investigation Department booked the charges.

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What Did Happen to Andrea Zaude?

According to sources, Andrea Luciana Zaude is a personal trainer who was taken into custody for embezzlement attempts attempt to murder, attempted murder, and insubordination. The news has been trending across social networks such as Instagram. Her attempt to embezzle at the Shopping Centre Norte led her to being detained through authorities from the State Department of Criminal Investigations. In the investigation Andrea was able to collect an order, and she presented an untrue bank account. Andrea showed a fake photographof of the transaction.

After the Crime

After she committed the crime she tried to flee from the area. She also attempted to hit an employee of the Shopping Centre. The police officer from 1st Heritage Police Station recorded the incident. Police investigated the Robberies and the robberies. Andrea did not display any reaction after being arrested. All of these occurred in RuaAmaral da Gama. His leg was injured after she slammed into the person who was working in the centre.

Andrea Zaude Wiki

There is no information on Andrea on the Wiki. Andrea was recently identified as being a suspect in violations she committed at the Shopping Centre. Also, there is no information on her family. The information on the crime was not accessible to anyone. She tried to withdraw cash several times using the same technique. The security guards spotted the plight, they notified the police right away. The victim’s parents information is not available on the internet.

What Did Zaude Do Before Arrival of Police?

Prior to the arrival of police, Zaude attempted to escape with the help of her Jeep Compass. As the security guard attempted to stop her departing, she slammed into him and injured the leg of one. The security guard was arrested for crossing an area of 260m from the shopping centres. Then she was arrested and taken to a police station. There aren’t many details regarding her biography.. The only thing we know is that she is an instructor.

Role of Andrea on Social Media

Andrea discusses fitness and health through her various social media channels. She aims to educate people about the benefits of training and sports. However, she has to endure the consequences before the court in Sao Paulo as she was detained in the vicinity of the Shopping Centre in Sao Paulo. The police had received more than 25 complaints about Andrea. Andrea hasn’t disclosed anything about her family or her husband. The police have only disclosed information about her job.

Response from Andrea after Arrest

Andrea hasn’t revealed anything regarding her arrest. Andrea didn’t show any emotion after the police detained her. The police report disclosed her crime and the way she attempted to defraud in the Shopping mall by displaying fake bank transactions. She even attempted to escape from the place in which she committed the crime. The most dangerous scenario she came up with was when she smashed into an employee by her vehicle and injured his leg. The police did not disclose her age..


Andrea’s crime Andrea has brought her fame all over the world and she was placed in police custody. Andrea’s crime has left people stunned. For more information you can visit the site

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