Did you hear concerning the resignation announcement of Andrew Formica? The whole Internet has become an entire page following the shocking announcement made by Andrew Formica. What’s the truth behind this? What is the date he will step down? There are a lot of questions our readers want addressed.

Most of you don’t have heard of him, and whether you’re from United States, Canada, or even the United Kingdom, you will get all the information about Andrew Formica in this article as well as Andrew Formica Net Worth 2022.

So, let us begin!

Andrew Formica 2022 Net Worth

Andrew Formica is the well-known Director and CEO of Jupiter Fund Management company. But, he has just announced the resignation of his company and his retirement without a proper explanation.

There is a buzz on the Internet talks about his name as are people asking more questions regarding his personal life, his salary and his wealth.

There isn’t any official source that claims the salary or net worth of Andrew Formica; however, there are estimates on the internet. According to some websites Andrew Formica’s Net Worth in 2022 is estimated at $25 million or so.

Andrew Formica Salary, Wife: Biography

Andrew Formica has managed to keep his life secret and obscure. There isn’t much information accessible on the internet about Formica.

He received his Master’s degree from the Economics Department in 1993 at Macquarie University and an MBA in 2001 from London Business School. He’s 51 years old and has been working involved in the industry of fund management since 1993 and has held various positions of seniority in various companies.

Prior to his appointment as Director and CEO of Jupiter Fund Management, he was the Director of Henderson Group Plc.

Formica was married to Andrew Formica and they have four kids But Andrew Formica Wife is not known. There isn’t a name or other information online.

In terms of the amount of his salary is concerned his salary is GBX1,322,000 at the expense of Jupiter Fund Management.

About Jupiter Fund Management:

It is a British-based fund management firm that has Andrew Formica as the CEO and Nichola Pease as chairman. The group manages bond and equity investment for private and institutional investors.

They manage assets for international mutual funds and UK-based fund, mandates from institutions along with investment corporations. The company was founded in the year 1985 and has its headquarters at London, UK. The company is part of the FTSE 250 Index and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Once you’ve been informed the facts about Andrew Formica Net Worth in 2022 Let us explore the full story behind it.

The most recent news and updates about Andrew Formica

On June 28, 2022, Andrew Formica, the current Director and CEO of UK-based Jupiter Fund Management group, announced his resignation from the job.

The report states that the Director will be leaving at the end of October, 2022. He will also step down as Director. He will succeed the current CIO, Matthew Beesley.

Andrew Formica has stated that there are no other plans at the moment and is looking forward to sitting on the sea and not do anything.


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