Arielle Charnas Husband post provides details of Arielle’s husband and a statement from her lawyer to the false allegations floating through the press.

Are you looking for the most recent information on Arielle and Brandon Charnas’ divorce reports? There was speculation about the state of their union in the past 24 hours via social platforms. People from both the United States and Canada were reported to be discussing the split rumours on a website similar to Reddit following Arielle Charnas turned off her comments on Instagram.

She also deleted a large number of photos from her past from Instagram and was seen with her wedding ring on public display. A discussion thread on Reddit also addressed Arielle Charnas Husband’sinvolvement in embezzlement of money of The Something Navy account.

Brandon Charnas Embezzlement:

The removal of some posts and photos from the account on social media of Arielle Charnas sparked suggestion that the couple was separated. An article on Reddit post announced the news of embezzlement committed by Brandon. The thread discussed the fact that the couple is splitting up because Brandon has swindled funds off the accounts of Something Navy.

A few online media outlets also reported the information that insiders from business will expose the truth of embezzlement of money in less than a few hours. They also identified the snatching of funds into the bank account at Something Navy as the prime reason for the couple’s strained relationship. The divorce report is dispelled with the clarification of Something Navy CEO and Arielle representative.

Something Navy Response to Money Embezzlement:

Somewhere Navy The CEO of Something Navy Matthew Scanlan has rejected the allegations of embezzlement of funds out of the company’s bank account. Matthew also clarified that “This is absolutely false” as well as “Brandon Charnas does not have access to the account of the company. It isn’t a company employee, and does not have any access to the company account”.

Arielle’s agent also dismissed the rumour of a split as a response to the media’s question regarding the divorce. The representative said that “This is absolutely false” as well as “they are happy and happily married”.

Arielle the Charnas family and Scandal

The second scandal within the last 4 years that has affected this particular Charnas family. In 2019 , the coronavirus debate was ablaze, resulting in anger from users of social media across both the United States and Canada. The outbreak also ended the partnership with Something Navy and Nordstrom.

The fact that she had a test kit for herself as well as the movement of her household during the quarantine time caused a lot of annoyance to the public. The pandemic’s worst was when the test kit wasn’t accessible to the general public as well as Arielle posted that she received the kit from a doctor friend. The fashion designer has performed excellently since Nordstrom has left Navy Something.

Arielle Charnas Husband Net Worth:

Brandon has made himself a person and has achieved a lot in his profession. He finished his law degree at the University and then was a part of several firms before co-founding his own venture. According to reports in the media, Brandon has a Net worth of $1Million.


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