The article discusses the Atlanta Nurses’ Fired TikTok Video Reddit and the decision of the healthcare organization.

You may have seen the story about Atlanta nurses getting fired. Recent TikTok videos showed Emory Healthcare nurses mocking pregnant mothers. Viewers in the United States were upset by the Video and demanded that they be punished.

The news that the hospital’s nurses were fired is spreading fast. Read more about Atlanta Nursing Staff Fired TikTok Video Reddit video.

Viral video of nurses mocking expectant mothers

The video of the nurses mocking pregnant ladies about their annoying habits and taking care the patient and their families has gone viral. One nurse said that she had asked the patient push the call light. She also complained that one of her relatives comes to the reception desk from time to time.

Another nurse mocks the patient for asking about the weight of their newborns while they are still being held.

Has the Video been Viral via Twitter

The Video was viral all over the world and many people also found it on Twitter. The video caused outrage among viewers and people criticized nurses for their comments. People shared their views in the comments and were thrilled to learn that Emory Hospital had fired them.

The hospital authorities were furious too and fired all four nurses involved. Unfortunately, the video has been removed as it is difficult to locate them online.

Atlanta Nurses were fired for recording the Video.

TikTok’s video has asked nurses to provide care for the patient during their most vulnerable times. This has led to more awareness about the nursing profession. Accordingly, the healthcare organization issued a statement that stated that it is committed providing high-quality medical care and that patients are its priority.

They also mentioned TikTok video, and said it was extremely disrespectful of the nurses for treating the patient.

The video is spread on Insta?

It circulated all over the Internet at first. But, now it appears that it is gone. But the majority of viewers saw the Video and were horrified at the behavior of the nurses at the hospital. The viral video was part of TikTok’s challenge. It is important to understand how these disgusting mocks came about.

The hospital’s immediate decision to fire the nurses was shocking. However, Instagram users were outraged and many were pleased with the outcome.

Can the users find the Video?

YouTube provides the one-minute Video. Viewers can search online for it. As people are more offended, we cannot post the Video here. It is also not a good idea if you keep sharing such disgusting videos over and over again.


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