There are still a lot of words from the Wordle game, so Believing Wordle is a likely chance of appearing in the next or the next round.

What did you think of the Wordle answer? August 28, 2008? Are you stuck in the right spot or you’ve tried every word you’ve ever heard? It’s difficult to come up with words since you don’t have a vocabulary However, don’t be worried.

The game is becoming popular in a number of nations, including Canada as well as in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, India as well as other countries. A few changes to the list were implemented in the NYT’s attempt to eliminate expletives from its collection of imaginable worlds. We will offer strategies or methods of finding your way to the wordle Belie.

Why Is Wordle Becoming More Popular?

You’ve arrived at the right place if you’re trying to get rid of the New York wordle and have BEL words highlighted in the areas. You must be aware the fact that Wordle is a brand new game developed by a programmer called Josh Wardle before looking through the list of words. Beginning in the month of October 2021, the game rapidly became a huge hit across the globe. The answer of Quordle’s #216 on 28 August 2022 was Belie. The word’s initial letter is B. Even though it contains two vowels, only one vowel is used twice.

This wordplay isn’t difficult It’s a simple game called Belie. Six words were removed from the list following The New York Times bought Wordle in 2022.

Which Word’s Beginning Is The Best?

Choose the most suitable opening sequence with the help from our recommendations. You can choose the word that has at least two distinct vowels as well as some common consonants such as T, S, R or N to determine phonological construction parts out or in.

These clues can make it easier for you to solve the word puzzle and achieving the highest score for solving Wordle in fewer attempts.

Is There Any Chance of Belie Wordle?

As opposed to using same words in a series, Wordle employs new terms to solve each puzzle. The day on which the Wordle game is unable to find words on the list and is unable to make new puzzles, it will be the end of the day for this popular game.

The list of words that were input in the game’s creation is the same as the source code hasn’t altered. This means that Belief is listed on the list of words for following rounds. So, there’s an opportunity that the word “belie” will be used in the future.

Belie Definition:

Despite its simplicity, it’s a challenging game because of the huge variety of possible outcomes. There are 10,657 possible words, some of which can be used as guesses, in addition to hundreds of other words contained in Wordle.

Meaning of Belief: Belief is the act of doing something that is indecent or to disclose something that is not true or conceal something like an emotion. For instance, the woman believed that her shopping spree would fool her friends into thinking that her account was not in use. Synonyms: blanket, blot out, cloak disguise, enshroud and veil. Click here for more terms on Wordle .


Thus that the Belie Wordle was a huge challenge for many. Wordle game is played on any phone, tablet or laptop computer or TV, since it works on any device running web browser. After you have figured out the word for the day and waiting until the next word. Do you use Wordle? If yes, then please share your scores in the comment box.


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