To learn more about the trending Better hoagie down Reddit storyline, “It’s cold outside there, better hagie down”.

Did you know that Better Hoagie Down, contrary to its name, is the title for a Reddit post in Australia or Canada. This post originally appeared seven years ago on the Reddit group r/relationships, which deals with suggestions and relationship advice posted by Redditors. It was eventually removed. This was followed by the creation/updating of a Reddit group, r/BetterHoagieDown on 5th December 2017.

What is the r/BetterHoagieDown discussion about? Let’s look at BetterHoagieDown Reddit below.

Better Hoagie Down:

Better Hoagie down’s story centers on a couple who had relationship problems due to seductive sleeping and asthma. It is not known who the couple are or what the author is. It is not known if the couple’s story is a real life event or a fraction.

This post gives the impression that the husband is narrating his marriage to his wife. Initial impressions are that the husband is 32 years old and his wife is insane. He trusts his wife. His wife, BetterHoagie Down Redditpost is 30 years old. She spends her time at the gym, TikTok and doing household chores.

He speaks out about times when he can’t spend time with his wife or in-laws during Christmas because he is on a business trip. He has trouble sleeping and is allergic to cats. His wife, who is allergic to her three cats, snores during sleep and takes anti-depressant – Seroquel tablets. To combat allergies and asthma, the husband takes Benadryl pills. He can also sleep soundly, even with his wife’s snoring.

The plot for Better Hoagie Down Reddit

He relates that he used more than one sleeping pill and would sometimes take 5-6 pills to fall asleep after a long day. The story of the couple turns when the wife takes out a brown lunch bag and gives it to her husband. He then says, “It’s cold outside, better hoagie down”, and the wife goes to the toilet. This was going on for several weeks.

Their relationship has become strained, the husband suspects. The husband suspects that their relationship is getting strained. His wife takes the extreme step and informs her parents. She then leaves for her parents’ house, where the climax begins in Best Hoagie Down Redditstory. He arrives at his in-laws’ house, exhausted and unable speak. The truth finally comes out when his father-in-law comforts the husband.

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The husband was shocked to discover that his behavior was unusual. The medicine was causing hallucinations in the husband. He recalled hearing about Hoagie on a number of shows, which he had heard during his delusions. He never mentioned Hoagie to his wife! The story ends with the husband and wife getting married, and then opting to receive medical advice/treatment.

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