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In the beginning of the new year it was time to watch Week 17 in Monday evening football across the United States. Fans of football of Canada had been excitedly watching the game. However, one of the players was seriously injured during the game and was hospitalized.

The player’s name? What caused him to be injured? Why did the team members cry? What was the health status for the athlete? Let’s look at the Bills Player Injury Video.

About the player who was injured in the video:

On the 2nd of January 2023 the week 17 game took place to be played between Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals at the Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio. The game began at 8:30 pm EST and was broadcast live across several channels.

A tragic accident took place during the match at Paycor Stadium, known to as the home for Cincinnati Bengals. NFL Cincinnati Bengals, which was officially opened to games on August 19th, 2000. In the center of the field the YouTube video showed a player wearing the number 85 of his jersey from the Cincinnati Bengals was carrying the football.

Buffalo Bills countered the player in an attempt to steal the ball away from the carrier. Demar Hamlin wearing Jersey number 3, struck the player.

When we look closely at the footage, we observe that the head of the ball-carrier being slammed in the right upper side of Demar’s chest. Demar’s head was slammed into the helmet of the ball player as he fell down, and his head hit the ground. Thisvideowent Viral On Twitter.

Two additional Buffalo Bills players wearing jersey numbers 49 and 21 also fell when trying to block against the player who was carrying the ball.

The collision was not intentional and was designed to prevent the ball’s carrier from going further to the goalpost. The four players regrouped and three went on. But Demar was the last to stand and fell to the ground. Joseph Francis Buck, an American sportscaster, was present to report on the events in the stadium.

Joe said that Demar Hamlin had been administered CPR for over nine minutes. Then, Instagram videos revealed that he didn’t rise. Josh Allen and Joe burrow were shown weeping on the fields. Buffalo Bills players prayed on the field in support of Demar and then cried.

A medical ambulance was summoned. Demar was transported into the University of Cincinnati Medical Center where he was incubated. Demar’s condition was critical until the present.

Incubation refers to the process of placing a tube through your mouth and into the lungs in order to keep the airway open so that oxygen can circulate. It was reported that the message on the Telegram chat suggested that Demar was not breathing correctly.


Demar Hamlin plays the position of safety player of Buffalo Bills. He lives in Mckees Rocks, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The football game on Monday night the report indicated Demar was injured. Demar was injured severely and CPR was given to the player. Because of a serious condition the player was taken into the hospital. The condition of the patient remains serious. According to Twitter updates, he was in an incubator at the hospital.


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