Find all the details available elsewhere regarding Body Beauty Bar Orlando FL that was misinterpreted as an enterprise that was owned by the Elizabeth Knighton.

The recent incident of racism was widely discussed via social media across the United States. On Yelp, the story generated a buzz. The impact was so strong that people began writing negative reviews on Bodi Beauty Bar. Within a day, the rating of the business was reduced to 1/5-stars based on 91 reviews.

Do you know that @FOX13News,, @Au and @officialkingcajun brought the video of racial slurs in the Body Beauty Bar Orlando FL? Let’s examine the incident.

The incident is described as:

Elizabeth Knighton is the owner of Bodi Beauty Bar. Recently she was a slur on employees on King Cajun Restaurant. King Cajun restaurant. King Cajun Restaurant has 4.6/5-stars google reviews! King Cajun is an Chinese restaurant in 924 North Mills Avenue, OR Florida 32803 USA.

Elizabeth was dining out ordering shrimps in King Cajun. After she was given the seafood, she was disappointed that the food was bad and that the shrimp had been spoiled. The staff at the King Cajun staff. The staff inspected the shrimp and determined that the dish was in good condition. They informed her that they had found the same.

Bodi beauty bar orlando Racist Remarks:

Elizabeth was furious and swore at the staff. Elizabeth went at the counter in order to settle her bill and order take-away however she used profane language towards the Chinese staff. The staff was found with a smile and a thank you note for Elizabeth for being a patron.

The reviews, feedback, as well as ratings posted on Yelp were noticed by the Yelp administration team. Henceforth, the Yelp team blocked user posts and reviews on the Bodi Beauty Bar page. The Yelp team also made clear that they don’t support the discrimination against minorities, and are currently reviewing recent reviews and posts.

About Beauty Bar:

The Bodi beauty bar Llc is located at 1420 Lake Baldwin Lane, OR, FL-32814. It offers services like medical Spas, Saunas, skincare and more. Following the incident over 100 negative reviews appeared left on Bodi Beauty Bar’s pages. 28 comments were not recommended to be reviewed by Yelp because they were made to encourage people to not support the Bodi Beauty Bar’s business.

Seven posts to the Bodi Beauty Bar’s page were taken down for violating Yelp community rules. In the meantime users on other posts expressed their opinion that Elizabeth should not be acting this way and that it’s too late to make an apology. It is important to note that this particular detail was taken directly from the social media posting and we do not blame or support anyone.

Customer reviews for Body Beauty Bar:

Many users have stated that if Elizabeth has these thoughts and is feeling such, her Spa services may be detrimental to Asian customers since her business is a source of machines, chemicals and so on. Elizabeth shouldn’t be allowed to use these chemicals, machines or equipment. Furthermore, Elizabeth must realize that these products are made in Asian countries.


Twitter, Facebook and Yelp users expressed that they are in support of King Cajun by stating the fact that FL has a close bond and community with each other; and that there’s no place for race-based games. The bad reputation associated with this Bodi Beauty Bar has hurt a different company with the same title Body Beauty Bar Orlando FL. Do not mistake the businesses as one.


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