We have covered the Bow Trail Accident case in this article. All details can be found in the article.

Are you familiar with the recent accident that occurred on a bow trail? Are you looking for more information? You are in the right place.

Since the incident, the Bow Trail Accident has been in the news. Everybody from Canada and around the world is searching for information on this car accident. All the information we have gathered is available for our readers. Keep reading.

What year was the incident?

On Friday, March 22, a single vehicle collided at Bow Trail and 45 Street SW. Bow Trail is Calgary’s expressway highway. Calgary is a Canadian city. The accident occurred at 3:00 p.m.

The Bow Trail Accident case is under investigation by Calgary Police.

The accident resulted in three injuries. One of the victims sustained life-threatening injuries and was treated by emergency medical personnel at Foothills Medical Center.

Two more people were in the car: an elderly man with non-life-threatening injuries and a woman with non life-threatening injuries. They were taken to the nearest emergency room.

More details are available here

The victim with life-threatening injuries was found to have died that evening. After 6.pm, the police confirmed that this was true.

In the Bow Trail Accident, the victim was ejected out of the vehicle. His gender and age are still unknown.

We will be discussing the actions taken by Calgary police following the accident in the next paragraph. Everyday, we hear about road accidents. This is usually due to speeding and not paying attention to traffic signals and safety signs.

Bow Trail was the result of a vehicle rollover.

The case is still under investigation by police. Let’s see what actions have been taken.

What were the steps taken by Calgary police after Accident?

Calgary police closed the Bow Trail at 45 Street in both directions on Friday. After the accident, both eastbound and westbound roads were also shut down.

Police also requested that people who were riding their vehicles avoid the area for several hours. The closing was also announced on Twitter. Only. After that, it was reopened.

It was quick and necessary in order to avoid traffic jams and other problems.

This case is still being investigated.


This concludes our post about the Bow Trail Accident. It was one-car collision. In the accident, one person lost his life. Please be safe and obey all rules.

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