They say that necessity can be the mother of invention. BQE Core is another example of such a story. It was created by an engineer in 1995 to simplify the billing process for engineering projects. It’s interesting because the Asana was designed to streamline agile teams’ workflows without hampering their growth and flexibility.

This BQE Core Vs Asana Software Review will examine three elements of each: prices, demos and features.

BQE Core

BQE Core has many uses in different industries.

  • Legal
  • Consultants
  • Government Contractors
  • Engineering
  • Architect

BQE Core Management software has been trusted by many due to its ability to integrate detailed tools for accounting and billing. Here are some of its most notable tools:


  • Tracking Expenses and Time

The first is that users can use pre-populated, smart timesheets. This allows you to create custom date ranges and track your projects based around their deadlines. You can also send reminders to everyone and request updates.

You can track every hour of work with details like overheads and times-offs. integrates with timecards to make it easier to organize details, such as payrolls and the invoicing process.

You can even make timesheets and save it for later reference. This software is DCAA-compliant and can be used to track time, which is a great advantage.

  • Project Tracking

BQE core software includes many different project tracking tools. You can use your project monitor pulse to keep an eye on the progress and make sure that everything is in line with the strategy. It’s easy to connect details, such as budgets and schedules to the projects that you observe.

You can track all details related to your project including tasks, costs and time. In real-time, you can calculate overheads, GAs, and fringe to create accurate billing information.

Project tracking can also be used to track other components like resource allocation. You can assign tasks and not disturb the workload balance. Notifications are sent to the resource persons automatically in order to keep them updated about their duties.

  • Billing

BQE Core software offers up to 20 templates that will assist you with invoicing. You can create invoices for projects based on fixed fees or by the hour.

The entire system can be automated to save you time and increase accuracy during invoicing.

  • BQE Core Software Demo

A 30-minute BQE Core demo can be requested via the website. A demo of the software could help you to understand how it works in your firm.

  • BQE Core Pricing

For BQE Core pricing, you can request a free quote. The cost depends on what you need and how many users will be using the system.

  • Asana

Asana is a dynamic tool that can be used to support teams in constant motion. It allows you to create an online workspace that offers stability, regardless how everything around you shifts. Here are some notable Asana software features:


  • Timeline

It can be very useful for agile teams to have access to all the information within an organized timeline. It helps you see all the tasks that are dependent on each other and helps you plan your strategy. The timeline feature functions as a map for your project. This feature also offers two additional benefits. Firstly, it allows you to showcase the completed tasks, and secondly, it lets you share the possible plan.

You can make changes to the timeline by using the drag-and–drop interface. You can import CVS into the timeline and make them actionable.

  • Boards

Asana integrates Kanban board visual management software. Kanban boards offer many methods to manage management.

  • Plotting workflows
  • Track all stages of the workflow
  • Spot bottlenecks
  • Toggle between boards
  • Automated workflows
  • Goals

When you announce your goals for a particular project, you can gain buy-in from the team. Strategic goals help you create projects that are profitable and successful for your business. Asana offers the possibility to establish clear goals to help the team, increase productivity, and provide clarity. Instead of spending time on random tasks that can be tedious, your team will instead tackle the most important aspects of the projects head-on.

Asana Software Demo

Asana demo: This 2-minute video quickly shows you the features of Asana so that you can grasp its core function.

Asana Pricing

Asana pricing allows users to choose from four pricing options. If you are a beginner and want to get familiar with the functions, this option is free. Premium pricing costs $10 while the business plan costs $24. The last plan is customized according to your firm’s requirements. Pricing is also determined by the number of users. Each pricing option includes tools that will help you manage projects at different stages in your business.


BQE Core Vs Asana offers heavy-duty solutions which can be useful for both established and startups. The one addresses billing and invoice concerns. The other manages project-related processes.


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