This article on Brandon Charnas Fraud will provide some new developments regarding how things are going that exists between Arielle as well as Brandon. Keep an eye on the blog for updates.

Are the rumors of Brandon and Arielle’s love affair are true? Are they separating? There are rumors that have been swirling on every social media platform across Canada and the United States and Canadaregarding Brandon Charnas fraud. What exactly do we know about this scam? In this article you will be able to find out the most recent developments regarding the fraud committed by Brandon Charnas. Please read this article to find out more the details about Brandon as well as Arielle.

Brandon Charnas: Latest Update

According to sources online there were rumors that Brandon was a fraudster who stole funds at Something Navy. However, Mathew Scanlan, CEO of Something Navy, had denied the rumors as false. He claimed that he did not have access to the accounts at the banks of their business. A second rumor is about the relationship between Brandon with Arielle. According to some sources, the couple might split.

Arielle Charnas Fraud

Many people keep track of the activities of their favourite fashion influencers with a keen interest. In the past, Arielle posted some pictures on her Instagram where the ring on her finger appeared missing. The wedding band she was wearing was absent from the photograph shoot. In the following days, she restricted her comments section after she posted her pictures as people began asking her questions. A user who kept an watch on her account activity saw that the woman had deleted photos of their husband Brandon Charnas. Brandon also turned the account public.

Then she denied all reports. Additionally, Brandon commented on her photo with a few Emojis. It could be that the rumors about separation were bogus.

Brandon Charnas Embezzlement

There are a lot of rumors regarding one individual. Like that there were two different stories concerning Brandon. According to the rumors, Brandon was found guilty of stealing company funds. Arielle Charnas is the founder of the company, along with Mathew Scanlan is the company’s CEO. There were rumors about Brandon was using fraudulently the accounts for Something Navy. However, afterward the CEO of the company made an end to these claims and said that the rumors are untrue. Therefore, it’s clear from the CEO’s announcement that Brandon did not have any ill-use of the accounts of banks.

What did Arielle’s fans respond?

Following Divorce reports about her Husband has sparked a flood of people flooding her DM and her comment section with many supportive comments. Each of her social media accounts received messages of sympathy. Someone wrote that they felt bad for her. However, others wrote that it made them uncomfortable when Arielle wrote that she persuaded her husband to remain with her. It was therefore an uphill battle to Arielle along with her husband face the gossip.

Married Life Of Charnas

Arielle and Brandon were married in 2014. They have a happy marriage. Arielle Charnas is a popular fashion influencer and owner of Something Navy, a clothing company. Her husband, Brandon Charnas is well-known entrepreneur and co-founder at Current Real Estate Advisor. The couple has three daughters. The family lives happily. The rumors of their divorce are not to be taken seriously.

The Final Words

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