On 11 July 2022, unfortunately, a young 24 years boy died named Bryan Norton. Bryan Norton was a young man who was currently living within Caldwell West. Born in Livingston and graduated in the year 2016 of Caldwell High School. Following that, he earned an undergraduate degree from Caldwell University in sports management in 2022. He was popular with many and was a vivacious young man.

On weekends on weekends, he would play golf with his family and friends. He was an excellent athlete, and he loved playing basketball and ball. Additionally, he was appreciated by his friends for his good behavior.

About Bryan Norton Obituary ?

His funeral will take place on July 18, 2022, Monday in the Notre Dame Church at 10 a.m. The news has left the family members, his friends and loved ones sad. His funeral will take place in Caldwell University.

In honor of Bryan Norton Bryan Norton’s memorial Scholarship accepts the scholarship in Caldwell University. Family members of Bryan Norton have set up an GoFundMe page to collect donations in memory of Bryan Norton. To read more and learn more about Bryan Norton, read this article.

His Friends and Family Reaction

He was a kind person and it’s almost impossible for family members of Bryan Norton Caldwell and his best friend to let him go. They love him and tell them that he will be in their hearts for the rest of their lives. His parents were devastated and brought back memories of playing basketball and golf during the weekends. His father was known as David while his mother Sheri Ann Norton deeply grieved by his tragic loss and claimed it was an unending pain that has damaged their hearts for the rest of their lives.

His parents, siblings as well as his friends and girlfriend are also suffering and they loved the man a lot. His passing is a devastating loss for his family. We pray that God has given them strength the family members for Bryan Norton Obituary. The time will heal this wound and their suffering will get better. The love his family has to him won’t diminish.

In these difficult times in this difficult time, we stand with Bryan Norton’s family. Bryan Norton, and may his soul rest in peace. The passing of time will make a difference to the state of his family members, but their affection for him will be etched in their hearts for all time.


In this blog we have discussed the tragic loss of Bryan. In these times of sorrow we stand by his family and his friends. We are aware that the passing of Bryan Norton was an unforgettable moment for his family and friends.


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