This article is about Burkes Outlet Clearance Reviews Our visitors will be assisted to understand more about the site. We hope to help our visitors understand this. Find the most important information regarding scams and frauds here.

Do you require designer clothing or accessories for the family? If you’re looking for all these items for just 70 percent off, check out the Burkes boutique located in America. United States, with a variety of products for all members of the family. This store is in fashion since it has a variety of products at a reduced price.

This article on Burkes Outlet Reviews will assist you to discover the strengths and authenticity of the retailer. The reader will know its value and the most important details about this store.

A brief description of Burkes Outlet Clearance shop

Burkes Outlet Clearance shop deals both offline and online. The company has more than 500 stores that are open online as well. It offers items for your entire family , and at an affordable price. The products are cost-effective that you can purchase the items without worrying about their budget. The list below includes products listed below:

  1. Shoes
  2. Home furnishings
  3. presents
  4. toys
  5. Beauty
  6. Bed and Bath
  7. Handbags
  8. Accessories

Is Burkes Outlet Clearance Legit? The store has offered its customers all the fashionable and essential products at an affordable cost, but it’s not clear if the items are authentic. Knowing their legitimacy is crucial because it allows the buyer to be aware of the shop. One can assess the shop’s owner’s attitude and assess their mental state. This helps in increasing the client’s awareness of scams and frauds.

The features in Burkes Outlet Clearance store

  1. Buy brand-name apparel from
  2. Phone details: 1-800-683-8655
  3. Information about the address: P.O. Box 25207, Bradenton, FL 34206-5207
  4. The items on the site have positive reviews of Burkes Outlet Clearance on a different website However, on the official website, there aren’t any reviews.
  5. Return policy: no return policy for Burkes Outlet or any Burkes Outlet or Burkes Outlet store.
  6. Shipping price The shipping cost will be $8.99 for each transaction in the Continental U.S however, an extra shipping charges will be added to orders delivered via Hawaii and Alaska.
  7. Delivery policy for shipping: It can take between 3-7 business days to deliver in Florida and 5-10 days in the Continental U.S.
  8. Payment Method: Burkes Outlet credit card, Burkes Outlet store gift cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, PayPal.

Positive Highlights

  1. The phone numbers, email address are listed on the official site.
  2. Https can be used to secure the data when it’s transferred.

Negative Highlights

  1. Positive reviews are posted on the internet website, but no feedback in their official site.

Is Burkes Outlet Clearance Legit ?

Customers can be confident in Burkes Outlet Clearance Store, but prior to that you can be sure, it is important to verify its authenticity by examining the specific requirements. The website’s specifications include:

  1. Web Registration Date: May 13th, 1999 is the date for registration for the Burkes Outlet Clearance store. Therefore, we know that the store’s life expectation of about 23 years.
  2. Trust Index: The trust index is highly rated, as it is 96 per cent and therefore one can be sure to trust this website.
  3. Registerer: Burkes Outlet Clearance store is registered with CSC Corporate Domains, Inc.
  4. Review by a customer We haven’t found any reviews on their official website regarding their products, however, it does have good reviews on Burkes Outlet Clearance on a different platform.
  5. Social Media: The website can be accessible on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc.
  6. Data security: It is safe to transfer data since Https protect it.
  7. Information that is missing The HTML0 website has all the necessary information but the feedback from customers isn’t available on the official site.
  8. Policy The site contains all the important information on the policies of refund returns, shipping, returning and more.

Burkes Outlet Clearance Reviews

Burkes Outlet Clearance store has given all the necessary information including contact numbers, emails and address. Another website has reviewed the site, however we didn’t find review on their official website. This website is also accessible on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others. This makes this site a reliable one. It can be trusted since they are very popular on social media. Customers have posted their experiences on their websites.

Alexa has rated this website highly and we can confirm that you can buy through this site.

Final Summary

In closing this article in reviews of Burkes Outlet clearance We found that this site has a lifespan of 23 years. It has a high trust rating and you can evaluate this site based on the factors that were mentioned earlier.


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