Find out all the important information that is not available elsewhere prior to using and discover more the facts about Cash1K Com’s Scam.

There are a lot of websites that are launched frequently across both the United Kingdomand the United Statesthat promise quick cash. Similar to betting websites or wealth-creation applications, as well as websites can be legally operated in Philippines. While some are legitimate, there are others that are not. is among the latest websites to be launched that promises to pay you a massive earnings from your home. Check out the features of to learn more the truth about Cash1K Com scam.

More About

Cash1K offers services with Philippines currency(P). Cash1K does not have a valid investment site that promises quick and massive return on investment. Recently, a brand new idea on the crypto market has emerged where famous people publish their videos, and viewers are required to pay for the privilege of watching them.

Cash1K usually includes trailers for the most recent movies. Users need to view the trailers to earn money. The earnings are saved in the Cash1K earnings wallet.

When a user signs up for Cash1K it is necessary to pay for various plans. In accordance with the level of membership the 3 to 18+ minutes of playtime are assigned, and is used to verify the legitimacy of Cash1K.. There are a variety of plans which promise payment of between P17.25 to P1,552.50plus per day.

To sign up for plans, the customer has to make a significant investment of money. For instance, in order to earn P1,552.50/day one has to pay P38,812.50 annually to earn a total of P5,58,900 for all 365 days. The user has to finish their task and watch as much videos as they can within the allotted time.

The credibility of is only available in a handful of Southeast Asian countries. Cash1K earned a horrible 11% trust rating with a zero rank for business with a low 7,612,295 Alexa score, along with a pathetic domain authority score of 1/100 that indicates that it is a scam.. It’s a suspicious site that has a 23 percent suspicious score 92% threat, 50 percent fraud and 17% malware and a 92 percentage of spam.

Cash1K isn’t blacklisted and provides a secure connection via HTTPS protocol. Its IP is a valid SSL certificate valid for the rest of 86 days.

Cash1K was first registered on December 23, 2022, in Reykjavik which is Reykjavik, Capital Region of Iceland, an extremely risky country. Cash1K is three years old web site. Cash1K’s lifespan is low duration as its registration is scheduled to expire after 11 months and 27 days on the 23rd of December 2023.

Features determining Cash1K Com Scam:

The contact information and identities for Cash1K owners are restricted by using the services of Withheld for privacy EHF. Cash1K has a very low number. The registrar for Cash1K is well-known among fraudsters. Cash1K collects the payment for registration and then processes withdrawals using Perfect Money, Payeer Wallets and Cryptocurrency.


The low business rating suggests that Cash1K is an Scam. They also have an affiliate program that offers massive amounts to its members, indicating that Cash1K is looking to expand its membership program that is an Cash1K Com scam. Similar websites went unresponsive in less than six months with no way to recoup the investor’s funds.


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