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Did you catch the latest news regarding the rescue of Celebrity Beyond? How old is the Celebrity Beyond Cruise? What’s the latest news regarding this refugee rescue? What date were the refugees taken care of? Where were they located?

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What happened to those Cuban Refugees?

This past the morning of Monday (2nd January 2022) the brand-new Celebrity Beyond Cruise ship rescued more than twelve Cuban refugees. This Cuban immigration is currently bringing in a number of refugees to Florida.

The Celebrity Beyond cruise rescued the Cuban citizens from their home-made craft and brought them to the US coast guards to be processed further. The social media sites to provide more details about the incident are provided below.

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Captain Kate McCue of the Celebrity Beyond Cruise declared that the captain’s chief officer saw the crown rising on the horizon when the Ship was headed north of Cuba. Officers of the ship were able to change route to investigate the incident and came across a tiny boat with 19 passengers.

What was the process by which refugees were being rescued?

It was the Celebrity Beyond Cruise Captain turned on the ship, and the refugees were being rescued. The boat then was close to the Cruise as well as the Crew member from the Cruise assisted the refugees to make it onto their Cruise ship.

This is the way crew members carried out their Celebrity flagship refugee’s rescueon Monday. The crew members supplied the victims with blankets, food, and medical attention. Afterward, the cruise’s officials reached out to officials from the Coast’s US guards to determine the next actions.

Know the Celebrity Beyond Cruise Wiki!

To get the full specifics of this Celebrity Beyond cruise, go through the table below.

NameCelebrity Beyond.
Real OwnerRoyal Caribbean Group.
Ordered on16/05/2016.
Launched on05/10/2018.
In Service21/04/2022.
OperatorCelebrity Cruise.
TypeCruise Ship.
Crew Members1416.
Current StatusIn service.

A user wrote on his Twitter account that he’d never thought of the possibility of a rescue cruise.

More details on how to save Celebrity ship rescue!

The Celebrity Flagship Refugees Rescues continued and, on the same day the Cruise saved five people from small boats. It was reported that the Carnival Celebration crew on board observed five Cuban refugees living in northwestern Cuba.

Captain Kate McCue shared a rescue video on her Instagram profile.


The economic crisis that hit the country in Cuba led to an increase in numbers of people fleeing. The rate of refugees had slowed in 2022 and the procedure of taking such trips is illegal and risky too. Celebrity Cruise rescue video

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