Looking to find information about the Christmastamp Shop review to know its truth? Then you’re in the right spot. Let’s see whether this is an online Christmastamp .Shop fraud or a legitimate company and whether you should be able to trust the site or not.

Below are the additional information that prove Christmastamp Shop is a scam website:

Contact Information

Its email addresses “uspsstampservice@outlook .com, stampservice011@outlook .com and stampservice012@outlook .com” are found to be used by multiple scam sites.

Brand Use

It is using its name as the United States Postal Service by using an image of the United States Postal Service as its logo and name on its website without a connection with that of the United States Postal Service.

Note: Though it’s using names associated with the United States Postal Service at the time of this review it is possible that it will use a different brand or change the information on its website in the near future, as many similar websites are doing this.

Social Media Presence

The icon for social media that links to its corporate social media account is not accessible. However, legitimate online stores typically have social media icons that link with their respective social media groups pages, profiles or pages. This means that they might not have a presence on social media.

Copy content

The theme of the website and a lot of other information available on the website are consistent with numerous scam sites.

It has also mentioned the domain name of another websites, rather than its own on a few pages of policy i.e. STAMPSSHOP. However, it hasn’t given any information about its connection to the website. However, legitimate businesses always make mention of their connections with sister websites in the event that they are connected to any.

Discount and Sales deals

It has listed a wide range of items on sale, that boast of huge discounts. The majority of scam sites offer discount coupons to draw customers to their fraud. For instance, it’s listed these items for sale: Flag 2017 ROLL U.S. Flag 2019 Geometric Snowflake 2015 Christmas Carol 2017, Holiday Delights 2020, U.S. Flag 2022 Stamps, etc.

Customer complaints and delivery

There are many similar online stores that have complaints about their products’ quality, delivery times and customer service.


With all of the above facts, we can say we can confirm that Christmastamp Shop is a scam online retailer.

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