It’s a Cobra Tate Twitter review informs readers the story of a kickboxer who was formerly as well as a social media celebrity who was recently featured for his playful activities.

Is Andrew detained? What are the charges against Andrew or his son? A controversial social online influencer and kickboxer Andrew Tate, was in the news recently, causing shock to people all over the world with his deeds and his activities.

Andrew Tate was recently talked about his controversial video clip that was shared on social media. We will now look further on Cobra Tate TWITTERin this post.

Is Andrew Arrested?

The well-known kickboxer Andrew and his brother Tristan and two unknown individuals as well as a few others on December 29 2022, when Romanian police searched their lavish mansion. Due to her controversial opinions about women and society, the British-born American popularly known by the name “Cobra,” experienced unparalleled internet fame this year.

Andrew’s personal life and more at Cobra Tate .Com. Many people are posting messages of frustration and anger on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, and posting messages. Others are also posting messages to the anonymous Andrew.

About Andrew Tate:

Swords, cash, and guns were found in Andrew’s home, as per the police’s search video taken following Andrew’s arrest.

Andrew who was a former world champion in kickboxing was one of four individuals recently detained as part of an investigation into molestation allegations, human trafficking and the creation of a criminal group and a gang.

Is Cobra Tate Arrested

In the days prior to the search of Andrew’s home, Andrew was shown being taken away in handcuffs , as captured on camera. After that, along with two other suspects, Tristan, his younger brother, was taken into custody and detained for 24 hours. Andrew was seen shouting to cameramen and reporters that the Matrix was a threat to him as the police took him off in handcuffs.

Video footage shows authorities navigating Andrew’s luxurious home. The video was shot by the authorities after Andrew’s arrest. age is 36 and was detained. Knuckles made of brass, guns and swords were displayed on his desk at home. The highly secure technology displayed images from 16 different CCTV cameras set across the house.

What are the charges against Tate brothers?

Based on allegations of the formation of an organized criminal gang who employed women to make inappropriate videos, Andrew and Tristan are currently being interrogated.

Andrew Tate’s Wiki:

  • Real name: Emory Andrew Tate III
  • Date of Birth – December 1 1986
  • Birthplace of the ChildPlace of Birth Washington D.C., U.S.
  • Weight 90 kg
  • Height – 1.9 meters
  • Siblings: Janine Tate as well as Tristan Tate
  • ParentsParents Eileen Tate and Emory Tate


Andrew Tate is being talked about on Twitter as well as other social media websites following his arrest. Tate brothers were arrested together with two others. There are many accusations against Tate brothers. Tate brothers. You are able to find the full details about Andre Tate here.

Have you watched Andrew’s video of his arrest? And then, share your opinions about Andrew’s arrest and the Tate Brothers in the following section.


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