Get the latest information about CrossFit Games Standings 2022 Top athletes, and the schedule for the coming CrossFit Games 2022.

CrossFit Games are annual athletic events organized through CrossFit LLC. Justin Bergh and Adrian Bozman are the directors of the organization. CrossFit has been held since 2007 when 40 males and 40 women participated. Nobull is the sponsor of CrossFit 2022’s games. The competitors have to pass through CrossFit-Open, CrossFit-Quarterfinals, and CrossFit-Semifinals. The events take place at Alliant Energy Center in the United States.

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For women, Tia-Clair is the most competitive since she was CrossFit champion over the last five years. However, Justin Medeiros from men is an elite competitor. CrossFit Mayhem as a whole is considered to be a top competition. Let’s review CrossFit Games Schedule below.

4th August:

9:00-12:30-Adaptive Athletes and Groups

13:00-14:00-Opening Ceremony

14:30-18:00-Groups and Adaptive Athletes

5th August:

9:00-12:30-Individuals and Teams

9:00-13:30-Groups and Adaptive Athletes

13:30-16:30-Individuals and Teams

15:00-18:0-Groups and Adaptive Athletes

17:00-19:00-Individuals and Teams

6th August:

8:00-12:00-Groups and Adaptive Athletes

8:00-12:30-Individuals and Teams

12:30-17:30-Groups and Adaptive Athletes

13:00-16:45-Individuals and Teams

16:30-18:00-Age-Group and Adaptive Awards Ceremony

18:00-20:30-Individuals and Teams

Crossfit Games 2022 Schedule on 7th August:

9:00-10:30-Individuals and Teams

11:00-15:00-Individuals and Teams

15:30-16:00-Awards Ceremony


Tia-Clair’s performance wasn’t as anticipated. She’s currently in the second place, at 8th position. Mallory O’Brien has preceded Tia-Clair in CrossFit 2022. Haley Adams stands at the third spot. The athletes from the USA have the top five places in CrossFit male games. Saxon Panchik has secured the first position which is being followed by Matt Poulin and Justin Medeiros.

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