Take a look at this write-up to get the most recent news regarding Crossfit Games Watch 2022 venues, timings, the venue as well as previous winners and leaderboards.

Are you a health freak? Do you regularly exercise? If you do, you may have heard of CrossFit Games. It’s a game that is extremely popular all over the world and around 120 athletes from all over the world nations are expected to take part in this year’s competition.

CrossFit Games is a competition that tests fitness through a variety of events that are not announced. The event kicked off with pomp and display. Continue reading to learn all the details about Crossfit Games Watch 2022.

CrossFit Games Timings, Date, Venue and Broadcasting

CrossFit Games commenced on 3rd August and will run until 7 August 2022. The games will be held in Madison the state capital of the Wisconsin’s Alliant Energy Centre, and we’re anticipating fierce competition among CrossFit athletes to win the coveted title of the ‘Fittest’ on Earth.

You can stream the game’s streaming live via CrossFit the official YouTube channel. You can also watch it on Twitch, Facebook Twitch, Facebook and Pluto TV channel. Finals will be broadcast by CBS Television Network. CBS Television Network on 7th August, Sunday , from 12:00 pm to 2 pm CST. Livestreaming for the majority of days begins at 9:00 AM.

Crossfit Games 2022 Leaderboard

Following a day of competition, the leaderboard displays Australian Ricky Garard leading in the category for men while Mallory O’Brien of the United States is leading in the women’s section by 267 points.

Some confusion was created over athletes running too many laps, or not enough. The issue was eventually resolved. A storm later took place, causing an interruption. This resulted in Event 2 was shifted to 4th August and the Thursday.

Emily Rolfe and Tom Muhlbeier are both withdrawn from the competition. In the first event, Hailey Adams secured the highest position in the individual women’s competition as well as Ricky Garard in Individual Men’s.

The final winner remains to be determined after watching the day one Crossfit Games 2022 Leaderboard however it will be interesting to see who can beat whom.

CrossFit Games prize money and the winners

With a prize fund in the amount of $2.8 million, it’s the biggest prize ever in the history of the tournament. Additionally, each individual winner will receive $310,000. The 16th season of CrossFit this year, there are speculated about many names to be winners, including Tia Clair Toomey in the women’s.

Tia-Clair Toomey has enjoyed an unbroken winning streak since 2017 making her five-time champion. If she is able to win another gold, she’ll be able to surpass Mat Fraser. There were no team events in the year 2020. However, in the year 2021 CrossFit Mayhem was the winning team. We hope you’ve gotten the answers you need about Crossfit Games Watch 2022.

Final Verdict

The five-day tournament will have extensive coverage of the individual women’s and men’s Divisions for Teams While Divisions for Adaptive and Age Group will be broadcast with limited coverage.

The streaming of CrossFit Game will be in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. This means you can easily stream the game online from your home, on Youtube, which is the official YouTube channel. You can also watch it on Twitch, Facebook Twitch, Facebook or Pluto TV.

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