This article answers Wordle 398. It also clarifies the confusion surrounding Cryst Wordle.

Do you find Wordle addictive? Are you a Wordle addict? What do you like about this game? We will be discussing the Wordle game, which has taken over the Internet. This game is played in many countries, including Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Since people search for similar terms on the Internet, Cryst Wordle is a popular trend. It is the answer? Is it the answer? Let’s find out.

Wordle 398

Wordle 398 is trending on the news because it has something unusual. Many users are shocked by the answer and have difficulty finding the correct answer. Are you curious to find the answer? We’re here to help with this challenge. Many people are searching the Internet for clues and are confused by Cryst. They searched for Cryst Definition. Cyst is another similar word that means “a body made from different elements”.

The correct answer to Wordle 398, ‘TRYST’ is the correct answer. This will help you win 22 July’s challenge. It would be helpful if you looked for clues before you actually found the answer.

What are the tips?

Let’s take a look at Wordle 398’s hints. To find the correct answer to 22 July, you can use these hints. Here is a list of hints.

  • The first letter in the word is “T.”
  • The word means a meeting between two lovers.
  • This word does not contain a vowel

All these clues could also be used to correctly guess the answer. If you believe that Cryst is a word, then think again. You must realize that there isn’t such a word.

This trend is why?

Wordle is well-known for its daily challenges and fun element. Wordle challenges often consist of a vowel. This is the trick to the Wordle challenges. You might find it helpful to use vowels first.

Wordle 398’s answer does not include any vowels. It’s not strange, is it? It is rare that there is no vowel in the Wordle answers. This made it difficult to win the challenge. Vowels are used in most words.

Is Cryst Wortle the solution?

Cryst was misunderstood by many people because the correct answer sounded very similar to Cryst. It was meant to be a hint, but people were unsure and began searching the Internet for the meaning. However, the correct answer is “Tryst” and you can use this to win the challenge, even if it’s not obvious.


This topic is now closed. This contains Wordle 398 hints and the correct answer. After using the hints, you can find the correct answer. We have also clarified the confusion surrounding the Cryst Wordle.

We hope that you find this article helpful in overcoming your daily challenges. Try it and let us know how you like it. You can follow this link to take on the challenges.


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