This article is on Dana White Wife Video can provide the details of the incident that occurred at New Year’s Eve.

How was your New Year’s night? Did you really enjoy it? Like you, famous stars also celebrate the New Year’s Eve celebration with a grand style. However, certain incidents can are quite serious. Recently, Dana White Wife Video in an evening club has shocked many people in both the United States and Canada. The video has also been seen in some other countries and is being discussed by the White Couple who has been married for more than 30 years. Stay tuned to us for more information.

Dana and His Wife Viral Video:

If you’re a member of social media websites, you’ve likely watched the viral clip that features Dana as well as Anne. In the video the couple is confronted by each other. According to sources online the couple went to a nightclub for their New Year’s Eve celebration. They were however engaged in a fight.

Viral On Twitter: How The Fight Started?

According to sources online there was no deliberate conflict. It was just a miscommunication among the two. The wife of UFC’s president, Anne White leaned forward towards her husband in order to make a comment, and she then responded like she was smacking the man while putting her hands over Dana’s face. Because of this reaction, Dana reacted same to her wife. Following that, people in the vicinity started breaking them up. A person who has recorded the whole situation has uploaded the video to platforms such as Reddit.

What reaction does Dana White to This

As per TMZ accounts, Dana opened up about his opinions on this incident. He outlined what happened the night before. He admitted that he was guilty about this incident as his family is a respected part of the relationship. He also said that he felt embarrassed and their primary concern was for their three children. The couple also revealed their kids about the incident to their children. In addition, Dana said that Anne and he had been drinking heavily. The couple didn’t have any disputes during their 30 decades of marriage.

Anne has also shared her thoughts in the Tiktok popular video. She also said that the situation were out of control. They’ve talked about the issue with their children and family members. They have both expressed their regrets for the incident to one another. She also asked everyone to provide them with time and space for the children for their own sake.

Does the video exist?

Yes you can view the video online from sources. Numerous sources such as Telegram has posted the video.


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