Check out the David Gold Cause of Death Reddit article to find out additional details on David’s life and cause of death.

David Gold is well known for his work in the field of football as a player for West Ham. Did you know about the sudden death of British businessman named David Gold? Are you interested in information about his wife the fiancée wealth, kids and other things? Check out the following article to find out more details.

David Gold belongs to the United Kingdom and David Gold is well-known for his riches. Let’s go through David Gold Cause of Death Reddit article to find out more about him.

How can I determine the cause of death reason for David Gold?

David Gold passed away early on Wednesday 4 4 January 2023. David Gold has left a heartache for his family members in the new year. David died due to a brief illness, which was confirmed to West Ham United.

David Gold was a huge fan of the Hammers in football. It was announced by the team on Twitterhis death the news.

David Gold is a joint chairman for West Ham United. He backed his team in odds and odds. He was the co-owner of the Birmingham city football club until 2009. David Gold is the richest man in the world of British businesspeople.

David Gold became joint Chairman of West Ham in 2010 and was in the post until his passing. David Gold’s partnerin his company is David Sullivan for West Ham United.

Let’s look at some specific details about him in the following section.

David Gold Biography

  • Name: David Gold
  • Day of Birth:9th September 1936
  • Death date:4 January 2023
  • Age:
  • Birthplace:Stepney, London, England.
  • Profession: Joint Chairman West Ham United.
  • The wife:Beryl Hunt, divorced.
  • Children:Jacqueline Gold and Vanessa Gold.

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What year Did David Gold divorce?

David Gold married his wife, Beryl Hunt, in 1957, but the marriage lasted until the year 1972. After David Gold learned his wife and his best friend had cheated with him David Gold FianceeLesley Manning continued their romance until 1972, following his divorce and continued to do so up to the time of his passing.

His wife was Beryl Hunt. Jacqueline as well as Vanessa were the heads of his massive firms, Ann Summers and Kickerbox Ltd.

Many people searched for his net worth on the internet following the news of his death was made public. Please let us know about the total amount he earned.

What is David Gold’s Net Worth?

David Gold’s earnings amount to around PS500 million. His colleague David Sullivan’s wealth is PS 1.2 billion. The time that was David Gold of West Ham United is a breakthrough since the removal of the team out of Boleyn Ground in the year 2016.

David Gold company Ann Summers was the parent company of numerous successful businesses within the United Kingdom. The company was demolished as a major chain in the United Kingdom.

Jacqueline Gold, David’s daughter of David is an excellent businesswoman, continuing David’s legacy. Jacqueline has been ranked as the 14 the most successful women of the United Kingdom. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Ann Summers and Kickerbox Ltd.

David has appointed his youngest daughter the manager of the two businesses. David Gold expanded his business and launched Gold Group International, a significant source of income for him.

David Gold left the world at the age of the 86th year and passed away at peace, a life filled with accomplishments.


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