Death Dd Osama has all the information about the young rapper. Please continue reading.

Who is DD Osama, you ask? What do you know about his brother, DD Osama? What has happened to him lately? This article will provide all the information you need about Death Dd Osama.

People from Australia, Canada, Australia, Australia and Germany want to learn more about the young rapper. He also uses social media to communicate his thoughts. This article will help us to find out.

Why is DD Osama Trending

A death rumor regarding DD Osama (young rapper) was circulated on Twitter recently. He is still alive, however. Although he is only 15 years old, he began rapping when he was just 15. Now, he is a well-known name in the industry. His “Dead Opps” project, which was released in July 2022, has been viewed over 9 million times on YouTube.

His Real name is David Reyes. His younger brother, Notti Osama, was stabbed to death in July 2022 by an opponent. His brother was also an artist who performed drills, and the brothers made videos together.

More Details On Notti Osama

Ethan Reyes (also known as Notti Osama) was a 14 year-old drill rapper. Some of his rivals stabbed him in a subway station. He was later admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital where he died.

His elder brother, DD Osama, paid tribute to him and shared some emotions. This case saw the accused arrested and charged for Manslaughter. After his death, the Death Video was in fashion. It was CCTV footage. The true reason for the fight was not revealed. The accused is a 15-year-old boy, who was surrounded by DD Osama’s friends but fled later. He then stabbed Ethan.

What is Drill Rapping?

This type of rapping is where one makes fun of the other. To taunt a rival rapper, one can use harsh words and language. The fight may have been caused by drill rapping, according to police.

Personal Information Of DD Osama

David Reyes was born in Manhattan on the 29th November 2006. He is known as DD Osama, his stage name. His songs include Dead Opps and Without You. His YouTube channel hosts his work. He is American by nationality, but his religious beliefs remain unknown.

Ethan Reyes was his younger brother, who passed away in July 2022. Ethan used the stage name Notti Osama and they worked together. We don’t know much about his Phone number.


This article provided details about DD Osama, a rapper who was recently killed along with his younger brother Notti Osama. David, also known by DD, is a drill rapper. Click here to learn more about drill music.

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