Fans are searching for Desi Arnaz, an American actor, bandleader and producer of film and television. You can find the biography of Desi Arnaz and many more details here. People are eager to find Desi Arnaz’s biography as Desi Arnaz is becoming more popular. Yes, check out Desi Arnaz biography below.

Let’s begin with Desi Arnaz age. According to woodgram Desi Arnaz was 105 years. As per mycelebritybio, Desi Arnaz stands 1.77 m tall. Below is the complete biography of Desi Arnaz.

NameDesi Arnaz
Date of birthMarch 2, 1917
Age105 years old
BirthplaceSantiago De Cuba, Cuba
Height1.77 m
Weight75 kg

Desi Arnaz Real Name

Many people don’t know the real name of Desi Arnaz. So, check this section to find out. Desi Arnaz does not have any other name.

Desi Arnaz Age

Desi Arnaz was conceived on March 2, 1917. Desi Arnaz, as mentioned in the Desi Arnaz Biography Table is 105 years of age. Desi Arnaz was a Cuban citizen who was born in Santiago De Cuba.

Desi Arnaz Height & Weight

This section will tell you how tall Desi Arnaz really is. According to mycelebritybio Desi Arnaz is 1.77m tall and 75kg.

Desi Arnaz Net Worth

Desi Arnaz is so well-known and successful. Here is Desi Arnaz Net worth information. According to woodgram, Desi Arnaz’s net worth is between $1 Million and $5 Million.

Desi Arnaz Girlfriend/Wife

Are Desi Arnaz and his bandleader American actor, film and television producer Desi Arnaz divorced? Many of his fans want to know more about his private life. Desi Arnaz is not revealing any details about his private life. Keep checking our page to keep up with the celebrity’s life.


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