You can read about the case that was filed yesterday to challenge the new congressional districts of NC and the implication Doctrine Independent State Legislature. Did you know that the Supreme Court has accepted to hear the case relating to the Independent State Legislature (ISL) doctrine within the United States. Each state legislature was granted the right to determine the time, place and manner of the election under the ISL.

The new congressional district lines have been controversial because they could affect the votes that a candidate receives. If they are implemented, other state legislatures could also come up with new congressional districts. Let’s look at Doctrine Independent State Legislature.

Case Study: State Legislature Theory

The supreme court accepted the Moore v. Harper case, challenging the North Carolina legislature’s drawing of the new congressional districts lines. The supreme court is currently pursuing the case to stop the drawing of the new congressional districts.

This is because the federal constitution allows the state legislature to decide on factors related federal elections. It does not allow for interference by other state officials or the state constitution. The theory was adopted by Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito in 2020.

The Independent State Legislature Theory doctrine

The doctrine of the Independent State Legislature gives authority to the state legislature for deciding various aspects of presidential and congressional election. A new map was created by the North Carolina state legislature and is opposed to the existing election law, which has been in place for more than 200 years.

History of the Independent State Legislature doctrine

Bush v. Gore, 2000 gave Bush v. Gore victory. Trump supporters supported invoking ISL to classify Arizona voters during the 2020 presidential election. The attempt to invoke ISL was not successful.

Doctrine Independent State Legislature odds:

But, ISL theory was born out of years of research and historical data. In 2020, Justice Barrett indicated that the court meant for people to accept the theory. Justice Barrett didn’t give an opinion on the ISL or the filed case. Everyone is eager to hear Justice Barrett’s thoughts on this.

Changes to ISL can disrupt federal elections and are therefore highly sensitive. Even governors don’t have the power or rights to veto the Document Independent State Legislature or state laws regarding elections. They can only do so by ballot initiative, citizens or other means. We are not in favor of or against any data.


The ISL judgment will have broad implications across the country, and in particular on federal elections. Although the ISL Article I gives only power to the state legislature has a greater scope. Some provisions in ISL say that the state legislature cannot delegate its powers to federal agencies, election officers or courts if it fails to address an issue.


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