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Are you attracted to movies? What do you know about Daemon’s role in the story? Did you know that Daemon is a key character in the story’s plot? Would you like to learn more about the murder of Aemond? Aemond is wanted by many people in the United States, Canada and Australia.

This article Does Daemon Kile Aemond will give all you need to know about Aemond’s murder.

Why do people talk about the death of Aemond

We are excited to share with you Aemond’s story because many of you may not be aware. Aemond is one the most well-known and beloved characters from Daemon Targaryen. Many people believe that Daemon killed Aemond in this movie. Daemond didn’t actually kill him. He was murdered on his own. It was not the intention of people to find out if Daemond was the reason for Aemond’s death. This is why everyone is talking about Aemond murder.

How Does Daemon Targaryen Live

The movie Targaryen Civil War depicts the death of Daemon Targaryen. Daemon, along with his dragon Caraxes also sailed through the Dancing of the Dragons as Rhaenyra’s arm helped capture Harrenhal, the difficult citadel. All four were killed in the epic conflict. Daemon shot Aemond in the eye while leaping onto Vhagar from midair.

What Happens to Daemon Targaryen

According to the official record, he died with his dragon Caraxes during Dance of Dragons. Aemond was tempted by Daemons to fight Harrenhal during a prolonged conflict. Aemond is tempted to fight again with Daemon after the Fight, but Daemon’s remains were never discovered.

Westeros’ historians thought he was dead. However, the singers claimed he was alive and recovered. He spent the rest of the days in secret.

Did Daemon kill Aemond Aemond wasn’t killed by Daemon. We advise that you read the section above if you have any doubts regarding Aemond or Daemon’s demise.


This article summarizes the discussion on whether Daemon has died or is still alive. We also looked at the fight that was held during the dances of dragons. This Daemon Targaryen is a great resource.

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