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Do you know about the quadruple-killing incident that occurred this month? Who is the person responsible for the killing? In November four students of Idaho University were killed in an attack. Two girls were able to escape this attack. Dylan Mortensen Boyfriend Reddit is currently trending as there are possible links to this incident that shocked people of this country in the United States. In this article we will look at the essential details about the incident. Continue going through the article.

What is the name of Dylan Mortensen’s boyfriend?

Before we discuss Dylan’s boyfriend, you should be aware of Dylan Mortensen. She was one of those who survived the Idaho University quadruple attack of November 13th 2022. Quinn Kelley is her boyfriend and Quinn Kelley was the one who first reported the incident at the local police station. He was in the area during the time of the attack. People are accusing him of be the culprit in the attack. However, is this true? This story is popular on Reddit as well as other platforms.

Dylan’s boyfriend Idaho Update: The Latest Update

Dylan Mortensen’s partner, Quinn Kelley was present at the door of the house during the time the attack occurred. Quinn Kelley contacted 911 to notify the authorities about the incident. But, on the other hand, many online users have raised concerns about why Quinn present as well as what he was up to. They believed that the attack was planned and Quinn was involved in it. The police said that Quinn had no connection to this incident.

Dylan as well as Bethany Funky are the survivors who attempted to get away in the basement. The four other girls, Kaylee Goncalves Ethan Chapin, Madison Morgen as well as Xana Kernodle were also stabbed and killed. Idaho Murders have shattered the lives the four girls as well as their families.

Disclaimer: All information was obtained from various online sources. We personally do not blame anyone.

What is the reason why Quinn to blame for the murder?

Quinn was the person who notified police of the incident after dialling 911. Quinn was at the home. It was later discovered that he was with one of the victims of the incident, Dylan Mortensen. The public began to target him and demanded that police officials inquire about his relationship with Dylan Mortensen. They also blamed police officers for not interrogated him correctly and left him with no investigation. On the other hand police said that he didn’t have any connection to the perpetrators.

Parent History: Quinn

Another reason to blame Quinn was the background of his family. The information on his mother’s name is not accessible online, however information about his father’s background confirmed that his father was a criminal. an criminal record. Jeremy Kelley, Quinn’s father was accused of obscenity earlier this year. He was arrested for a number of other offenses and was also in the jail. In light of this, the internet were in search of an extensive investigation into Quinn. The information about her mother are not available on any platform online.

Family Members of Victims

Family members are unhappy over the manner in which the investigation was conducted by the police department. They believe it is moving very slow. The news media, news channels and social media platforms such as Instagram have given a lot of attention to this particular case, however according to sources the police are not paying enough attention to provide exact information on the situation and where the investigation has been able to reach. We wish that this matter is resolved soon and attackers will be arrested.


The general public is likely to have heard about the attack because every social media site been covered by this news. If you require more details about this attack, please go through the news updates on the Quadruple attack here.

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