In this article we have provided our readers with the cost, features and characters in Edition Xenoblade 3 Special. 

What is the 3rd edition of Xenoblade? When Xenoblade will launch? If you’re a player of Xenoblade Chronicles, you will be aware of the release for Edition three of the action-packed game.As the moment Nintendo revealed the 3rd Edition the game began becoming popular across the world.

We’ll take a deep dive into this article called Edition Xenoblade 3 Special to learn more about the cost and features, as well as the details that comprise the Xenoblade Chronicles.

Xenoblade 3

Xenoblade Chronicles is an action role-playing game that was released by Nintendo and created by the company Monolith Soft.Recently, Nintendo elated their players with the announcement to the 3rd Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles

The 3rd Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles is available exclusively through the My Nintendo Store. Each Nintendo account holder is entitled to two copies of the Edition. This Edition benefits its users by providing an art book as well as the box comes with a unique design. If that wasn’t enough, users also get the option of using Shulk AMIIBO.

Xenoblade 3 Special Edition Price

One of the most significant announcements for 2022 in the gaming industry is Xenoblade season 3 will be released with two price levels.

Special Edition of $90: Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is being released and it will be available in special editions of $90 that is exclusive to the My Nintendo Store. But, preorders for the special edition were quickly sold out and it’s not clear what the Nintendo will release more copies of it , or not.

$60: The physical edition of third installment of Xenoblade Chronicles is available at all major retailers, including Best Buy, Amazon and Game Stop. If you’d like to purchase to download a digital copy Edition Xenoblade 3 Special, you can purchase it through the Switch online store.

Features of Xenoblade 3

As seen in the trailer, which is available on YouTube The theme for the 3rd Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is “I’m not crying, you’re crying!” The players will take on the roles of the protagonists Mio and Noah and will be centered around the land of Aionios. Keves as well as Agnus represent the two countries fighting for the territory. The mysterious figure is seen in the game telling the battle to fight the enemy and to establish the nation’s order. The director of the game has declared the music to be one of the most effective.

Edition Xenoblade 3 Special

Third Edition of the Xenoblade Chronicles looks so exciting and thrilling. Alongside the thrilling storyline, it also comes featuring six different characters. The six characters comprise three from the Keves and the remaining three from Agnus.

The names of the characters are: Sena, Taion, Lanz, Noah, Mio and Eunie.


In this article we’ve provided our readers with the features, price and the character in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.


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