This article is about Emory University Hospital nurses TIKTOK and includes all the viral video footage and the action.

A video of four Emory nurses discussing the horrors of pregnant patients has circulated on TikTok.

Are you familiar with this video? Is this the same video that is now off YouTube? Are you aware that the video contains offensive content? Are there Canada or United States citizens who would like to know more and take action against this video? You can read Emory University Hospital nurses TIKTOK until the end to learn everything.

What’s in the viral video?

The staff at Emory university hospital shared a Tik Tok video about four nurses discussing maternity patients. They can be seen discussing their icks in the video. (icks refers to someone who doesn’t like to hear or do something).

Nurses are subject to a lot of ridicule for their statements about patients. You can see it in the Viral On Twitter. One of the nurses stated that she doesn’t like the question from the new mother asking if she can eat or bathe. Another nurse said that the new father asking for a paternity exam was extremely bothersome. The nurse adds that she doesn’t like patients asking her for medication or methods.

The video was removed from the original account by the authorities, but it is still there as many people installed it before it was deleted. It was seen many times before being deleted.

What actions were taken by Emory hospital officials – Emory University Hospital nurses TIKTOK?

Officials from Emory hospital have now taken a positive step and said that they had seen this video. As the nurses were being taken from the hospital, legal action was taken against them. This led to their losing their jobs. Officials stated that the video doesn’t show the actual hospital service, which is quite different.

Under the heading “social media connections”, you can find the link to Instagram in the article. Official statements from Emory Hospital officials can be found on Instagram regarding the viral Telegram Video. The identities of the nurses featured in the viral video are still unknown. Emory hospital also has students. It is therefore a teaching center.


Officials from Emory Hospital have removed the four nurses involved with the viral video. But, it is not known who the identities of the nurses are. You can click the link for additional information about Emory’s viral video.

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