Condenser Microphone: Picking an appropriate condenser mic can be an intimidating task for a lot of people. Although there are a variety of choices available and deciding on the most suitable one appears straightforward it’s not as simple as it appears! It is crucial to select the one that is able to meet your specific requirements.

Here are some key factors to think about when choosing the right condenser microphone

Variations in the pickup pattern

The design of the capture determines the quality and quality of the audio recorded. Most famously, there are two types: the cardioid and omnidirectional. The first pattern can be able to pick up the sound in a uniform way (both at the back and front of the device). The cardioid pattern can block sound coming emanating from the back of the device. If you’re looking to reduce distraction using the cardioid design is suggested.

Proximity affect Sensitivity

If you’re an actor, singer or performer take into consideration the sensitivities to the effect that proximity has on your mic. There are different types of microphones available, with different sensitivities. Some are extremely sensitive to sources just 3 inches apart, while others even be able to accommodate sources as far as 15 inches!

Frequency response curve

What’s that? It’s a graph that shows the measurement of the microphone’s response response to a certain frequency. Selecting a microphone according to this curve of frequency responses is important as you can’t apply the same principle to all frequencies. In the event that the frequency you hear typically fall in the low frequency, you could select a microphone with an extensive response within this frequency range. Therefore, the output of sound produces will be higher. If you can find it adequate to output 5dB or more at 5K what’s the reason you would want an upgrade that offers more power within that frequency range?

Power supply

If you’re looking to always be on the move, selecting an item with an electrical power source is recommended. It is not a good idea for your microphone to stop working when you’re in the middle of the performance!

Noise floor

It is the term used to describe the level of noise produced by the microphone. It is important to know that many microphones produce background noise even when they aren’t making any noise. It is recommended to select an instrument with an extremely low level of noise.

Now you are aware of the key elements within your condenser mic. This is the perfect time to make straight advice. We’ve tried a number of condenser mics and came to the conclusion that toNOR’s ORCA001 was among the best. Why? We’ll explain below!

The TONOR ORCA001 microphone for condensers features the following characteristics:

  • Excellent noise cancellation: This microphone can be capable of cancelling out noise with only one button. That means you can hear clear sound at any moment.
  • The feature can be activated and then deactivates in only one touch If you are a user, you’ll be able muffle or unmute the audio with just one touch. This feature is useful when playing games on your PS4/5 streaming, streaming live broadcasts, meeting and much more.
  • High level of compatibility: The dual-in-one connector on this microphone permits unrestricted compatibleness for Mac, Android, PS4/5 and PC. There are no additional drivers required to be installed.
  • Zero-latency monitoring This feature allows listening to recorded audio in real-time with no echo is feasible. You can also manage recordings with greater precision than when you are using other microphones.
  • The pattern of cardioid pickup: In all of the above and the cardioid pattern being not what you’d expect! This ToNOR ORCA001 mic is actually a cardioid which is capable of recording more clear sound.

Are you intrigued in this product right now? You can buy this fantastic condenser mic by shopping on Amazon. Follow this link to buy the TONOR ORCA001!


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