Farel Prayoga Cause Of Death: Check All Updates Here!

This article reveals the facts about Farel Prayoga cause of death and shows that this news is false. To learn more, read the article.

Are you familiar with Farel Prayoga Are you aware of his passing? Farel is one the most well-known kid singers. His death news circulated on social media platforms in the Philippines for the past few days.

Many of these people are also familiar with Farel prayoga Causes of Death. They also attempt to find his obituary. We need to discover the truth.

What is the truth?

Many of Farel’s fans want to know the cause of his death. We find out that the death information is inaccurate. This is a hoax, which was spread on social media. It is therefore impossible to find the death news.

Wikipedia Farel

Farol is a well-known singer. He is twelve years old. He is best known for his song “Oje Dibandingke”. His death news was distributed on social media platforms on 27 October 2022. People searched for his funeral news, obituary and burial location.

On 13 November 2022, however, people saw Farol on the National Television Channel’s program. The update shows that Farol is alive and well, so the death news is false.

Farol: What happened?

The news that Farol Prayoga, the famous singer, had died was posted on social media. His body was then buried. His fans were very upset when they heard the news. Many feel sorry for the wonder-kid singer.

Many also noted that no official death announcement was made either by the Farel family or any authority. Fans saw him appear on the popular television channel program on 13 November 2022.

It proved that the news was false. Even twelve years later, the Age singer remains alive and well. Many criticised the people who circulated fake news about Farol’s death after this news.

Many people attempted to discover where fake news circulated.

They checked all social media platforms. The fake fan account of Tweet was found.

Additional Information

Farel is an Islamist. We do not know anything about his ethnicity. He is in sixth grade at Bayuwangi school.


According to the report, the death news about Farel can be ruled fake and without any basis.

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