Felipe Kast Video: Who Is Felipe Kast? Is This Viral Video Still Available On Internet?

This article contains information about the Felipe Kast Video, and interesting facts about Felip Kast.

Have you seen the latest trending Twitter video about Felipe Kast’s death? Twitter and all other social media platforms are overflowing with memes, comments and images that affect the Chile readers and the United States users.

You can read the entire article to learn more about Felipe Kast Video and the story behind why he is so popular.

Felipe Kast Viral Video

There is not much information online about the video in English, as the entire content is in Spanish. You will need to translate the whole page into English to understand it.

The information we have shows that Senator Felipe Kast is in a car with trans models.

Who was The model in the viral video that went Viral via TWITTER ?

Joa Cabanas, the model’s real name, recorded every interaction between herself and Senator. Many people began making memes and passing judgement after the video was leaked to Twitter and other platforms.

The senator has no comment on the video’s content.

Felipe Kast Details

Felipe Kast, an economist from Chile, is a researcher, politician and consultant. His video with a transmodel is what made him a well-known face in Chile.

Is the leaked YouTube video still available on social media?

Reddit and Twitter have the video, and users are sharing it with their groups via different links. Telegram is another platform that has the Felip Kast video link, in addition to Reddit and Twitter.

Final Words

Although the senator does not comment, it is difficult to determine whether the allegations about the video are true. Many of his supporters supported him in this matter.

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