Do you want to know what is the real story behind what is happening at the Fenlita store? In the present, people are constantly chasing technological advances and gadgets to solve all solutions and issues. Yet according to research conducted from United States professionals many successful individuals trust that the value of books since they help you deal with the many problems you’ll face.

Additionally, there are numerous online sites on the web that only is a book retailer so if you’re looking to learn the details about one of the websites listed above, continue studying the Fenlita Reviews.

More information on Fenlita

Fenlita can be described as an online bookshop which was founded from the U.S. It sells bestsellers and books for educators in a variety of genres like world music, world politics literature, writing science Chemistry, writing science, etc. Additionally, as according to the site’s About Us page, the website makes profits from sales to help fund the library and aid in combating the problem of literacy.

Additionally, we’ve encountered numerous doubts about this site, because none of the items were clicked on as there were no price lists and the description of the product is not included either. In the end, everything raises suspicion. Does Fenlita Legit a scam website?

What exactly are characteristics that Fenlita has?

  • Official links –
  • Products- Books
  • Customer Care Number-Not specific
  • Physical address: Address: 223 East Howard Street, Sedalia, Missouri 65301, United States
  • Transportation charges- Not Mentioned
  • Exchange and Return policy – shipping takes 7-14 days
  • Refund policy – 30 days to request a replacement or refund
  • Newsletters- Not stated
  • Social media connections- Not available
  • Payment methods: Visa, Discover, American Express, JCB, and MasterCard
  • Delivery time – 2-4 weeks
  • Domain establishment date- 15/10/2021

In reality, shoppers’ Fenlita reviews are essential to read to determine the authenticity of the site.

The advantages of buying with Fenlita

  • If you’re looking to connect with the site it is possible to directly email it or post it to the official address.
  • The exchange and return options are accessible for 7-14 working days.

The disadvantages of buying through Fenlita

  • Reviews and ratings are not available on all websites.
  • The website is not available on any social media platforms.
  • The products are not clickable, and the prices are not included under any item.

Is Fenlita Legit?

In the present it’s difficult to be able to trust any internet website since a myriad of scam sites are available on the internet. These fraudulent websites look identical to legitimate portals as they take the information and impersonate authentic portal’s user interface in order to conceal their illicit goals. So, potential buyers should conduct thorough research before choosing a website for their final destination for shopping.

Additionally, we have listed all of the pertinent points of check that one is required to look up prior to placing an order on this website.

  • Domain launch date: the domain name was purchased on the 15th October 2021, which means the domain is more than six months of experience.
  • Reviews of shoppers- no shoppers’ Fenlita reviews are available anywhere on the Fenlita network.
  • Social media icons- On the footer of the website, there are no icons for social networks visible.
  • The date of domain expiration The domain of the portal will expire on the 15th of October 2022, so there only the remaining months.
  • Originality of address – The address of the company is deemed to be invalid because the address is found on multiple fraud sites.
  • Impersonated content: The entire site’s content is thin and inauthentic, as there is there is no description of the product on the website and the information is copied.
  • Trust index score: The website has earned a trust score of low which is only 1.

Shopper’s Fenlita Reviews

The investigation revealed that the website hasn’t received any feedback from its customers. Furthermore, there is no feedback that is available on feedback websites such as Trustpilot or Trustpilot, and no useful information is posted on the Trustpilot official site. Therefore, the site was unable to collect customer reviews and feedback data.


As we rounded up our findings our research, we discovered that the web-based store for books store isn’t well-known in the world of e-commerce. Furthermore, the website was just recently launched and comes with an interface that is fake; potential buyers are advised to look over these Fenlita reviews in depth if you are interested in this site. Therefore, the site is extremely suspicious and customers ought to stay away from this store. If you’ve been unable to access your funds by using a your credit card or debit card, you should be aware this.


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