Fidge Wordle is a word that you must have found online. This post will explain why Fidge Wordle word is so popular.

Did you correctly guess the Today’s Wordle answer? Did it seem easy or hard? This Wordle solution is universal regardless of whether you’re from New Zealand, Australia or the United States.

This post will help you find the right answer if you are also confused. Fidge Wordle is a popular game. Let’s find out why.

Today’s Wordle Puzzle

Wordle is a very popular game. Every day, people around the world wake up to find a new Wordle puzzle. There are some that are easy and others that are more difficult. To keep their streak going, players use the Internet for help.

Players were able today to guess that the Wordle answer was something similar to the word Fidge. However, to verify that it was correct, they used online assistance. Some players even asked questions like- Is Fidge a Word? Fidge can be a meaningful English word if you’re curious! But Fidge isn’t the right answer for Wordle #399, 23 July 2022. What is the correct answer to Wordle #399 on 23 July 2022? Answer: “MIDGE.”

Wordle 399 Clues and Hints

  • Two vowels are included in the Wordle Answer for 23 July 2022. These vowels are both different.
  • The 5-letter word does not contain the same letter twice.
  • This word is a noun. It refers to a small fly that looks like a mosquito and can be found near water or marshy areas. Fidge Definition: Did you know that Fidge is an obsolete term for “fidget?”
  • The vowel E ends the word.
  • The 5-letter answer starts with the letter M.

If you can’t figure it out, here’s the solution: MIDGE. Yes, Midge is the correct answer and not Fidge.

What is Wordle?

Wordle, a web-based wordgame, was launched in October 2021. Josh Wardle was the creator and developer of the game. He had worked on it for a while. Wordle’s earlier prototypes were inspired by Mastermind. But he later made changes and created the word game we now know. The New York Times Company now owns the publication.

Fidge Wordle:

Each day Wordle begins with a 5-letter word as the target answer. The 5-letter word is identical worldwide. The target word is given to the players for six attempts.

Five tiles are displayed on the screen. Players can enter the letters for a 5-letter English word by entering the letters into the boxes. After you hit enter, the tiles will change color to tell you the following:

  • Green tile: The letter is in the correct place
  • Yellow tile: The letter is in the target words but in a different position
  • Grey tile: The letter is not in target word

These hints are used by players to guess the target word.

Last words:

Fidge Wordle is on the Internet trending because Wordle players believed it was the right answer. The correct answer is a different one, and we’ve already shared it in the article. Wordle is a popular and interesting game. Are you a Wordle fan? Do you have a favorite wordle game? Please comment below!


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