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Filepursute is a domain-parking website that is used by users in India. Did you realize the fact that is a well-known website as well as an Android application? Have you heard that Filepursute is a website that takes advantage of the same spelling and URLs to boost the number of viewers? What do they deal with? How do you define domain parking? What are the advantages of Filepursute?

Find answers to your questions in the following section and learn about the legitimacy of the site through the Filepursute.comreview.

About Filepursute:

As a domain-parking website Filepursute functions as an engine for searching that provides default results for searches that include:

  1. Battleship Potemkin,
  2. Poltergeist,
  3. Road to Bali,
  4. Twin Dragons, and
  5. They Say.

The search criteria of users aren’t permitted. Instead, all three topics redirect the users to,,, and

The four websites listed above host information and news articles. No matter which links are that are clicked on Filepursute, users have to enter their search keywords on the four websites listed earlier. However, and use a less secure HTTP protocol.

The four websites could not provide accurate and relevant results due to the limited subjects on their sites. Yet, Website Review of Filepursute indicates that it utilizes those services offered by these sites because they might sponsor the content on Filepursute. Filepursute is an URL registered to sell it when the site becomes older and has a higher viewers.

The site’s age and view number are crucial to improving the ranking of the site in the search engines. In the near future Filepursute could be offered at a higher price to earn a profit.

It is unclear what kinds of features Filepursute could offer in the near future. At present it has links to mythical topicsthat are that are analyzed to determine whether Filepursute is genuine or not..

Filepursute URL is like which is which is a search engine for documents in ‘.pdf format that is relevant to the topics that users have entered.

The validity of Filepursute’s legitimacy:

Filepursute is a one-day old website that was registered on the 27th of December, 2022 within California, USA. Filepursute’s lifespan is very short duration as it expires in 364 days from 27th-December-2023.

Since its establishment, its business rating as well as threats, spam, malware and phishing scores aren’t available. But, Filepursute gained a terrible 11% trust score with a 1/100 domain authority and a minuscule Alexa ranking.

Filepursute has not been blacklisted, and utilizes an unsecure HTTP connection. Additionally, IP is a registered SSL certificate that is valid for the next 90 days. However the SSL certificate is not regarded as trustworthy by all web browsers. The server where Filepursute is hosted hosts a web sites that appear to be suspicious.

The privacy policies of Filepursute highlights Skenzo Ltd, which deals with the monetization of website traffic.


Because of the poor credibility, DA, and Alexa rank, Filepursute is not an authentic website. The business ranking and the spam, threat and malware scores, as well as phishing and suspicion scores will be released in the next few weeks. Filepursute will increase its credibility and Alexa rank over a certain period of time. There aren’t any user reviews of Filepursute’s social media platforms, YouTube, or elsewhere on the web.


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