Himachal Pradesh, a popular destination for sightseers in the Himalayan region of northern India, is known as “Himachal Pradesh”. There are beautiful meadows and mountain peaks in the area, along with resorts and apparent Buddhist tabernacles. Himachal Pradesh is the ideal place for adrenaline-seekers. It has over 80 snow-limited peaks such as Fellowship Peak, Parvati Parvat and Gushu. These are some of the many introductory features to an area that was once a mountaineer’s paradise.

Himachal Pradesh is a popular destination for perambulators, both from India and abroad. Many mountaineers are attracted to Himachal’s simple-position treks such as the Kheerganga and Triund. These journeys are a great way to see the excursionists transform into avaricious pedestrians and experience their passion for mountains in a wider sense. Triund Trek, a sight-seeker friendly trek, will entice visitors to return.

1. Kheerganga Trek:

It is believed to have been Lord Shiva’s home for thousands of years. Kheerganga is located at an altitude of 2950m in the Parvati valley and offers a wealth of precious memories for pedestrians. It is known for its hot springs and stunning views of the vale. This location draws people from all over India to Himachal Pradesh. Kasol is the starting point of the Kheerganga trip. This popular destination for sightseers in the Leg Parvati valley is also where you will find Kheerganga. The area is ideal for walking, as it offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Individualities will be guided through Nakhtan’s graphic towns and Rudra Nag which are great spots for resting or discovering. These stops allow pedestrians to learn more about Himachal Pradesh’s original culture and people. Pedestrians can immediately go to the Parvati Kund (natural hot springs) as soon as they arrive in Kheerganga. These are especially appealing during the day. This journey is popular because of its ease of trekking and it’s a great choice for many families and individuals.

  1. Duration: 1 night, 2 days
  2. Altitude: 3500m.
  3. distance: 12km
  4. Temperature: Day (5degC – 12deg C) Night (-2degC- 5degC)
  5. Best time: All Year
  6. Level Easy
  7. Trek route: Kasol, Barshaini, Rudra Nag Kheerganga

2.Hampta Pass Trek

At 4270 meters above sea level, the Hampta Pass Trek connects Lahaul’s Chandra Valley with Himachal Pradesh’s Kullu Valley. Named after Hamta Village which is located under Sethan villa, the journey’s route is also named. It is known for its changing and constantly changing terrain. The trail is perched high above the Himalayas and passes through lush meadows and alpine timber. It eventually ends in the desert area of Spiti Valley.

  • Duration: 4 nights, 5 days
  • Altitude: 4310m.
  • Distance: Foot 29 km- Taxi 236 km
  • Temperature: Day (5degC- 12deg C) Night (2degC – 8degC)
  • Best times: June, July, August, September
  • Level: Difficult
  • Manali, Jobra, Cheeka Camp, Balu ka Gera, Shea Gour Camp, Chandratal, and Chatru Camp are on the trek’s path.

3.bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu Lake, or Bhrigu Lake, is situated to the east Rohtang Pass at an elevation of 4300m. It is girdled in Kullu quarter by Pir Panjal Ranges, Himachal Pradesh, India. This place is named after Maharishi Bhubu. Legend has it that the great savant Bhrigu meditated near the lake, causing the lake to freeze completely. You can reach the lake by taking a tour from Rola Kholi or Jonker Bugyal. You will be accompanied by the scenic backdrop of Pir Panjal or Dhauladhar as you travel along the path of grassy meadows. It is truly remarkable to see the contrast between the colors and textures of the champaigns, and the snow-capped peaks that dominate the skyline. It climbs up to a formidable altitude of bases, despite being a short moderate-position trip. This is a great way for families and newcomers to explore the natural world. It’s easy to access from Manali, making it accessible and very doable.

  • Duration: 3 nights, 4 days
  • Altitude: 4300m.
  • Distance: Foot 29km, taxi 236 km
  • Temperature: Day (5degC- 12deg C) Night (-2degC- 5degC)
  • Best times: May, June, September, October
  • Level: Moderate
  • Manali, Jonker Bugyal, Rola Khuli, and Bhrigu Lake are on the route.

4. Trek Deo Tibba

It is a popular hiking destination for enthusiastic pedestrians at a height of 62 meters. It is distinguished by its snow pate peak, which is analogous to an Ice cap. The peak has a flat peak table and not a pointed crest. According to the legend, Deo Tibba was a place where the gods gathered. According to Hindu tradition the gods are seated at the Deo Tibba (plate-shaped) peak. The terrain will be difficult for Rovers as they attempt to reach the peak of this peak. This includes steep ice passes and glaciers with crevasses. There will also be a rockfall area and a crest. On their way to Deo Tibba Base Camp they will have to cross many remote denes and townslets, such as Jogidugh and Panduropa and Sedan.

  • Duration: 6 Nights 7 Days
  • Altitude: 4171m.
  • Distance: Foot 30km, taxi 24km
  • Temperature: Day (13degC- 18deg C) Night (0degC -7degC)
  • Best times: May, June, September, October
  • Level: Moderate
  • Manali, Bara Bazar, Chikka, Seri, Deo Tibba Base Camp, and Chota Chandratal are all stops on the trek.

5. Sar Pass Trek

Sar Pass is an Indian popular tourist route that runs through the Parvati Valley in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh. In the original shoptalk Sar refers to a lake. While touring from Tila Lotni up to Biskeri Ridge one must pass through a small, usually stable lake ( sar), which is why the Sar Pass Trek was named. This journey is perfect for pedestrians who are just starting out. This is a great choice for anyone who wants to see a wide range of terrain in one trip. The trail offers pedestrians a variety of gests including meadows and timbers as well as antique townslets and snow-covered mountains.

Kasol is the base camp for this journey, and is located in the Parvati vale near the banks of the Parvati swash. The journey starts in thick timbers, and then progresses to total snow-covered terrain. You will pass through fascinating old-world towns, stunning snow-limited mountains, and stirring decor as you follow the trail. Trampers pass through small meadows that are grazed by townspeople with their beasts.

  • Duration: 4 nights, 5 days
  • Altitude: 4200m.
  • Distance: Foot 48 km, taxi 74km
  • Temperature: Day (13degC -17deg C) Night (0degC- 7degC)
  • The best times are May, June and September.
  • Level: Moderate
  • Trek route: Kasol, Grahan village, Mung Thtch, Naguru, Sar Pass, Biskeri Thatch, Barsheini.


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