Fix – Instagram Not Showing Gallery Photos Error

Twitter users reported that Instagram’s photo gallery was not showing up on their app. Below are some possible solutions if you’re one of these users. Continue reading to find quick solutions to the Photo Gallery not Showing error on Instagram.

Instagram’s Glitches feature has become a key component. We are in complete agreement with the Glitch-ogram name for Instagram.

Users are unhappy about the frequent errors that have been appearing in the app recently. Users have experienced many errors, including not being able access the filters or not being able send DMs. These errors make Instagram less popular and users are unhappy with its performance.

Users are now facing another error when they cannot access the gallery and upload photos on the app. Users reported a similar issue recently. They said that they cannot access the camera feature when they tap on the story button.

These mistakes are ruining the user experience on Instagram. Instagram must fix them.

We have provided all information regarding the Photo Gallery Not Displaying on Instagram error. Take a look!

Fixing the Instagram Error:

The ‘Photo Gallery not Showing on Instagram error’ restricts users’ access to the gallery. The gallery does not appear when you try to upload a new photo on the platform.

Normaly, when you tap the Plus Icon you will be directed to your gallery along with the camera option in the top-left corner. To browse the gallery, you can scroll down to select the images or videos that you wish to upload.

However, the feature is currently unavailable and many users reported that they were unable to upload their posts because the gallery didn’t appear.

Instagram has yet to address the issue despite numerous complaints from users.

Instagram Error: Photo Gallery Not Displaying Quick Fix

Although Instagram has not yet provided an official solution, we offer some possible fixes below:

1. Verify Your Internet Connection

This could be due to poor connectivity. To fix this issue, please check your internet connection and restart your router. To resolve the issue, you can also restart your phone.

2. Reinstall your Instagram App

Re-installing your Instagram app is the next option. First, remove the Instagram app completely from your phone and then download the app again from the store. You will find an updated Instagram app, which may have fewer glitches.

3. Get the latest version of Instagram

You can fix the problem by updating your Instagram app to the latest version. Sometimes an older version of the app can cause problems. Always keep your app current.

4. Clear the App Cache

Clearing out redundant files in the app is another way to fix this problem. Apps often behave badly when there is a lot of cache. Clearing them out can help reduce errors and other glitches.

The app’s performance may also be affected by your mobile storage. Make sure you have enough space.

The Last Words

This article explains what the Photo Gallery not Showing error on Instagram is and how to fix it. We hope you found this information useful.

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