The article describes the happenings taking place and the way people are enjoying their weekend. is highlighted that visitors will benefit out of Golden Spike Days 2022.

Have you heard about the Golden Spike? What is the most unique event occurring within Canada? How do people feel about the occasion? What kinds of events will take place in the future? What happens when the event is over? All your queries are addressed in the article below.

There are many events that people can enjoy as well as an event for the whole community featuring live music that is enjoyed by family and friends. Read Golden Spike Days 2022.

What is the location of the event?

in Port Moody, Canada Day is typically celebrated with a four-day celebration in the Park Rocky Point, located at 2800 Murray Street, on the lake from the 30th of June until the 3rd of July. In 2021, the event will be a drive-through celebration. The event’s organizers have decided to stop the drive-through component of the event following the discovery of hundreds of kids were discovered at the site of previous residential institutions. It is a tradition to have a weekend-long event, Port Moody’s Day, to include live entertainment, lots of food trucks and beer gardens. The timings as well as other information are available.

Golden Spike Days Port Moody

Sunday Golden Spike Days will take the place from June 30th the 4th of July, and 3rd of July 2022. The event will take place at 3:00 and 10:10 on Thursday. From 10 am to 10 midnight, the festival takes place during the week of holidays, Friday and Saturday. Celebrations for the festival end on Sunday with celebrations starting at 10:00 am and lasting until 7:15 at night. Apart from Lego construction and bouncy castles, children are able to participate in a variety of different and unique activities during the festival. Certain Golden Spike Days activities could have a cost, but admission is free. In general, however, there is no charge other than food and beverages. People get Golden Spike Days 2022 below.

Events for the Event

Golden Spike Days will be packed with excitement in 2022. It is possible to build Legos and watch lumberjack shows, play with bounce castles, and also discover the world around you in The Wes family Family Zone. Yoga Generation and RVN Wellness offer both evening and morning yoga sessions as well as the F45 Fitness class. Also, live shows from Tri-Cities Got Talent and all the other live entertainment take place over the course of the event’s four days. Moody Ales, Yellow Dog, Parkside Brewery, and Twin Sails are all local Port Moody breweries that sell drinks in the beer garden during Golden Spike Days.

Golden Spike Days 2022

Seven-beer tickets are generally sold for $10 and are available from 10 pm until 10:30 at. Over the course of the weekend there will be an array of food trucks as well as snack-food vendors. Additionally, a variety of different ethnic as well as North American festival foods are offered, such as pretzels, fresh lemonade as well as mini doughnuts.


According to online sources according to the online resources, according to the online resources, Golden spike days began on June 30, and will continue until July 3rd around 7 at night. It is a time to are able to have fun with their families and friends at the park that is named Port Moody’s Rocky. Get more details about the subject on the internet .


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