We discuss the an undergraduate student Guilherme Suicide and what other people say on Twitter and some tips for how to deal with anxiety about defending your thesis.

Have you read about the Twitter thread on death of one student in the dissertation defense? A deeply sad post by Julopesssouzas, a Twitter user, is reaching out to a large number of people. Do you know about this trend? If not, we’re here to provide you with the relevant information.

Suicide by a fellow student has raised a lot of concerns about the students’ mental health and suicidal ideas. Suicide has become a huge public health problem within Canada as well as across the United States, the United Kingdom, and all over the world. This post will focus on Guilherme Suicide and let’s talk about it.

What’s the latest news?

A tweet from one of Twitter’s users published 11 July 2022 around 2:20 p.m. is now reaching 60.9k users. The tweet is related to the suicide attempt of an undergrad student Guilherme. In her tweet, she writes, “a suicide committed this week during thesis defense by an undergraduate student.” She said that the people present claim that he was humiliated at the hands of one of his assessors.

Additionally, Juliana added we must implement immediate measures to address mental health issues in academia and actively combat bullying in the classroom. In response to her tweet on Guilherme Suicide Thesis Defense many people shared retweets about their conditions and thoughts throughout the defense. Julopesssouzas concluded her tweet with a statement, “I’m sorry, we failed you, Guilherme.”

What do users have to say about this post?

A lot of users say that it’s not new to academia However, we have to act swiftly to end the bullying and stop the increase in suicide attempts among college students. One user on Twitter said that I was in the same situation when they weren’t sure whether they would be able to pass me. Another user is able to state that most defenses are good however, in extreme circumstances, things can become more severe than you thought.

Guilherme Suicide Thesis suggestions to help you manage your the stress of defending your thesis?

It can be difficult to stand up and defend your work before a group of experts. However, students must understand that this is a part of their degree program. Here are some strategies you can use to reduce your fear.

  • Breathe , relax, and be confident in your research .
  • If you are struggling then take a break, calm down and then move on.
  • Make the habit of public speaking so that you feel more confident speaking in the presence of others.
  • Trouble eye contacting professors? Take a look elsewhere for the occasional their faces instead.
  • Prepare well and practice prior to the day of presentation.

Guilherme student suicide should not happen, however, we can stop future suicides by working together. If you are contemplating suicide or any other reason, speak with someone you are at ease with. It’s hard to be in a situation like this, however, remember that tough times won’t last forever.

What is Thesis Defense?

The defense of your thesis is the final stage of an academic career. The student present their work on the thesis topic of their choice before an academic panel. The student will then have answer questions of experts. Additionally, the professors determine if the thesis is suitable to be published or if it needs to be improved.


Guilherme Suicideraises numerous questions about the psychological health issues for college-aged students. We hope that you’re now aware of this tragic incident. It is possible to check out the Twitter message from Julopessouzas below.

Do you have any suggestions for dealing with these situations? We’d like to hear from you so that you can leave a comment or tell our readers.


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