In a short discussion, the article’s central point is to describe the Hera Wiki as well as the basic features and functions of Hera.

Are you curious about the history of pirates? Would you like to see their latest adventure? The new drama series “One Piece” is here. Episode 1028 is a notable episode that has received a lot of attention from viewers.

It is now very popular in the Philippines as well as the United States. Viewers are also posting their opinions on the Hera One Piece Wikipedia social media accounts. We must investigate the matter and get the facts.

How do you know the one piece?

Big Mom came up with the idea of Hera. It’s a type of thundercloud. Hera’s country is actually “Wano” in origin. Hera is actually used to replace Zeus. Hera is a “homie” with extraordinary powers.

Hera is a big mom’s soul. Hera also provides her with her lethal weapon. Hera has the support of Napoleon and Prometheus. Hera has also the ability to spread the light.

Wiki Hera One-Piece – What is the Essential Matter of Hera?

These are the most important facts about Hera. These facts are about Hera.

  1. Hera is more powerful than general homies, depending on the facts.
  2. Hera received her soul from the Big Mom. This is why Hera has great power and can stop any damage.
  3. Hera can also create more powerful and destructive lighting facts such as Zeus. This is Hera’s unique power.
  4. Prometheus and Napolean have confirmed that Hera has more “Sync” in war than her predecessor Zeus.

Hera One Piece Wiki Other Facts

You can see that Hera is more loyal than Zeus if you look at her loyalty factors. Zeus is also much less careless here. Prometheus also offered Hera a relationship, but she declined to be his lover. Hera declined the proposal and did not show any interest in it.

This is just Big Mom’s follower. She follows Big Mom’s orders and will do her best to complete the order. Hera is also not concerned about Zeus, and will eat Zeus by the order of Big Mom. These are the main facts of Hera One Piece Wiki.

What is Trending in the News?

Hera is a popular topic. You can find comments about Hera on social media platforms. Many viewers also commented on Twitter about One Piece episodes. Although there are many characters to choose from, viewers love Hera the most.


We can conclude that the mythological value of Hera in the Greek classics is immense. Hera was considered the goddess of children’s birth and family. In this “One Piece”, the character is presented as Zeus’ competitor and follower in Big Mom’s Hera One Piece Wiki.

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