Digital transformation has led to the increased use of technology in every domain. However, with the growth of tech usage, grows the chances of cyber-attacks. Data breaches are one of the most critical issues that need to be addressed by businesses today, to prevent capital loss as well as defamation. To help with the same, businesses resort to cyber security testing services to ensure security.   

Cyber security testing acts like a safety guard for any business. It can yield many long-term benefits. Consumers trust a brand based on loyalty, quality and responsibility that it shows towards them. When a customer makes a purchase and shares their information with the retailers, it is because of trust and confidence. However, any mishandling of such information can lead you to lose your customers in seconds.   

How can cyber-attacks impact your retail business?   

A report by Statista on cyber security attacks on businesses in 2021 states that 47% of cyber security attacks led to work interruptions and delay in production with a loss of personally identifiable information.   

Cyber-attacks on retail have been quite common and easy for hackers, as they can successfully manipulate business owners. Retailers have sensitive information from their customers, like their financial info from the POS (point–of–sale) systems and other personal information. When the business holds such information, the stakes are high.   

There are different forms of cyber-attacks in a retail business. Let’s discuss some of the most common ones:   

Phishing Attack:   

This attack targets the personal information of the customers. With the help of clickbait, hackers try to gain information like bank passwords or credit card numbers. Hackers can send the bait via email, and once the customers click on it, they fall prey to it.   

Data Breaches:   

A business holds various forms of information ranging from card numbers to date of birth to original names. All this information can be used against individuals in different formats. Furthermore, hackers can track all this information and sell it on the black market. Hence, it is imperative for you to save this data from getting breached.   


This attack involves hackers installing ransomware on the retailers’ systems. This malicious software then encrypts the files and data of the retailers, which stops them from completing their transactions until the ransom is paid—at the same time, causing substantial financial losses to businesses.   

Password Attacks:   

When a third party tries to crack your passwords, it is called a password attack. Such attacks are common in nature. For such an attack, the hackers do not require the retailer’s systems and can crack them using various combinations with the help of different tools.    

How does security testing save your retail business?   

Security testing identifies loopholes and vulnerabilities in your system early in the production stage. When considering a retail business, its applications and websites also need to undergo testing for its smooth functionality and performance. Apart from these cyber security testing is also one of the most crucial practices that cannot be ignored.  

Here are a few ways in which security testing can safeguard your business:  

  1. Penetration testing: Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, is a process of ethical hacking. Software testers penetrate the systems and try to hack them to analyze the security loopholes. Once these loopholes are analyzed, software testers can work on them and fill the security gaps in your retail software to prevent anyone from hacking into the systems. 
  2. Vulnerability scanning for POS systems: Point-of-sale or POS systems are among the most sensitive aspects of any retail business. It is crucial to safeguard the POS systems with robust anti-malware solutions and save all financial damage and customer data loss. Performing testing POS testing services ensures you maximum security against all financial threats. Software testers perform testing on your payment gateways and check for all possible errors that could be a security vulnerability.  
  3. Imposing access restriction: With the help of cyber security testing, you can control the access of your retail software/application. Imposing access restrictions will restrict the use of your networks, thus preventing any breach. Software testers can use complex passwords to protect your servers and control panels and take precautions like alerting the administrator when intruded by an unknown IP address.    
  1. Testing for updates: Old or obsolete technology can be easy to break into, causing resourceful damage. However, with the help of security testing, you can manage your system in multiple ways. Security testers help you analyze your systems and perform best practices to safeguard them from hackers. It ensures that your system is upgraded and working smoothly to identify any threats earlier and rectify them before releasing them into the next stage of development.   
  2. Installing firewall on systems: Firewall acts like a security guard on the overall computer systems. The security testing team can install a firewall into your systems and protect it from any cybercriminal. It also keeps a check on the web traffic, whether inbound or outbound and allows administrators to control the traffic. At the same time, it will automatically filter the harmful web traffic.     

Last Thoughts:    

Whether it’s a retail business or any other organization, the sword of a cyber-attack is hanging on each one. You can never eliminate it completely. However, you can act smart and safeguard your business from fraudulent activities.     

Security testing is one of the most common and appropriate ways of saving your business from cyber-attacks. Under the software testing process, it’s not just cyber security testing but also performance and functionality testing that helps enhance your business’s performance. The overall process prepares your business to stand strong and grow in the current tech-savvy environment. 

To gain further knowledge and assistance, get help from trusted cyber security testing experts who can guide you on how software testing can help you and your retail business to maximize customer satisfaction. 


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