How Did Vanessa Guillen Die: Know Cause Of Death & All Details Here

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Did you see “I Am Venessa Guillen?” Netflix has launched a new series on true crime. People all over the United States are curious about Vanessa Guillen, and her story.

This documentary will show who and what caused Vanessa Guillen’s murder. It also shows how her family continued to fight for justice. Keep reading this article to find How Did Vanessa Guillen Death .

What caused Vanessa Guillen’s death?

Officials charged Aaron Robinson, an army soldier, and Cecily, his girlfriend, with the murder of Vanessa Guillen. According to court records, Aaron Guillen struck Vanessa Guillen on the head with a stick and killed her. He later hid Vanessa’s corpse in a large container and attempted to burn it.

What has happened to Aaron Robinson & Cecily Aguilar

Aaron Robinson committed suicide with a gun right before charges were made public. Cecily Aguilar was his girlfriend. She pleaded not guilty before the Grand Jury. The trial for her has been set for January 2023.

According to the NYT there will be no further discussion by the army leaders regarding the Vanessa Guillen case.

What did Vanessa Guillen’s family do after receiving her Report?

The family member of Vanessa’s murdered mother was furious to learn the cause and that Vanessa had admitted to her mother that she was being harassed. They eventually met Donald Trump. The army handled the case well and they unleashed their anger.

Guillen’s family lawyer Natalie Khawam filed a lawsuit against the US Army for wrongful killing and assault in August 2022.


Aaron hit Vanessa multiple times with a hammer, resulting in her death. The US military seems to cover up wrongdoing.

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