Most people are familiar with the role of HR in a corporate setting. They manage employee records, track attendance, and maintain compliance with labour laws. But what else does HR do? How do they work within a corporate office environment? In this blog post, we will explore the role of HR in a corporate office

We will discuss the different departments that make up HR, their responsibilities, and how they work together to ensure the smooth operation of a company.

The HR department

The HR department is responsible for a wide range of duties within a corporate office. For example, they are in charge of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new employees. They are also in charge of employee relations, benefits, and payroll.  In addition, the HR department may also be responsible for safety and security within the office.

The different types of HR jobs

There are many different types of HR jobs in a corporate office. The most common are:-

  • Recruiters: Recruiters are responsible for finding and hiring new employees. They may also be responsible for conducting initial interviews and screening candidates.
  • Training and Development: Training and development professionals design and implement training programs to help employees improve their skills. They may also be responsible for evaluating training programs’ effectiveness and providing management feedback.
  • Compensation and Benefits: Compensation and benefits specialists develop compensation packages that are fair and competitive while also ensuring that employees receive the benefits they are entitled to. They may also negotiate contracts with vendors or other service providers.
  • Employee Relations: Employee relations specialists work to resolve conflicts between employees and management, as well as investigate complaints of harassment or discrimination. They may also be responsible for developing policies to prevent these types of issues from occurring in the future.
  • HRIS: HRIS specialists manage the software that stores employee data, such as payroll information, benefits enrolment, and performance reviews. They are responsible for ensuring that this data is accurate and up-to-date and keeping it secure from unauthorized access.

What the HR department does

The human resources department is responsible for a wide range of duties in a corporate office. For example, they may be responsible for hiring and firing employees, and managing payroll, benefits, and employee records. They may also oversee training and development programs and employee assistance programs. In addition, the human resources department may sometimes be responsible for safety and security issues.

How to get a job in HR

A company’s human resources department is in charge of a variety of functions. For example, they may oversee employee recruitment and hiring, employee benefits and training, and employee relations. They may also manage compliance with labour laws and ensure that the company’s policies are followed.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in human resources, there are some things you can do to enhance your probabilities of landing a job in this field. First, think pursuing a degree or certificate in human resources or a related field. It will give you the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to succeed in this role.

Second, try to gain experience working in human resources or a related field. It can be done through internships, part-time jobs, or even volunteering. Getting your foot in the door will help you better understand what HR professionals do daily and make you more adorable to potential employers.

Finally, remember the importance of networking. Get connected with other HR professionals through online forums or professional organizations. Attend industry events and conferences. The more associations you have, the better your chances of landing your dream job in HR!


In conclusion, HR is an essential department in any corporate office. They are responsible for various tasks, from hiring and firing to managing employee benefits and training. A good HR department will allow to create a positive work environment and improve employee morale. If you are considering a career in HR, be sure to research the different aspects of the job to be prepared for what it entails.


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