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Find exclusive reviews on a post titled How I Get Revenge On My Ex Reddit, detailing a girl’s revenge against her ex-boyfriend. published a post that described an incident involving Max, Max’s mother and Martha. Part 1 describes Max’s revenge and part 2 details Max’s life.

But did you know who’s behind How I Get Revenge On My Ex Reddit posts From the United States And the United Kingdom.

Reddit Post about Retribution on a Boyfriend:

This is not a real-life tale!

Two posts on r/pettyrevenge are for a Reddit group where you can share stories about small victories against those who have wronged. The podcast has 3,000,000 followers!

Part 1 of the story:

The story opens with a 28 year old girl who narrates about Max, her boyfriend. Their apartment was located 10 minutes away from Amy, Amy’s childhood friend. The three of them had fun and enjoyed each other’s company.

How Do I Get Revenge on My Ex Boyfriend‘s narration contains profanity and describes various physical acts. *We have removed links to Reddit pages. One day, the girl discovered Max’s and Amy’s cheating on her. They had an affair.

The girl decided that she wanted to rent a room. Max was able to withdraw the money she had, enough to pay her bills and rent in advance.

Amy met Amy in a hotel. Amy was jealous of Max’s body and she discussed Max’s with her. Amy’s eyes turned red. Max found out that Amy was lying to him. She had brought Amy with Dave (her coworker), because Amy had been seeing Dave for a while to show How to Get Revenge on my Ex Reddit. Max stopped breathing and froze.

The girl eventually left Max and went to her new room. The girl posted about Max and Amy cheating on her in a message group post.


Max’s mom called Max and explained to her that Max’s will had been changed and that Max would inherit all of the property. Amy moved into Max’s apartment, but neither of them had confidence in one another. Amy often fought Max over his sexual acts with the girl.

Amy eventually moved to another place, as detailed at the end How do I get revenge on my ex Reddit story.

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YouTube has thousands of podcast channels . Stories on podcasts like these could be fictional or real. For stories to be popular, they need to be told in new ways. Reddit’s How do I get revenge on my ex? is one example of such a story.

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