Midjourney is an independent research laboratory that explores unique modes of thought and grows the imagination of the human race. MidJourney, an AI-powered tool, can transform your text into images/art.

You have two options to use the tools. One is the Midjourney Bot, which you could use to generate images, and the other is a web app at https://www.midjourney.com/, where one could find a gallery of one’s own work and other users’ creations.

Cancelling your Midjourney subscription is difficult as you will need to use the bot.

  • Send a message to the Midjourney bot with the command: “/subscribe”.
  • Midjourney will send you a message that includes a button that says “Open subscription page.” Click this.
  • You will find a button called “Manage” next to the title “Plan Details”. Click that.
  • Click the Cancel Plan link.
  • Click on Confirm Cancellation. At the end of your current subscription period, your plan will be cancelled.

What Does Midjourney Cost?

Midjourney is available for free, but only 25 uses are allowed in a free trial. There are two main plans. The Basic plan costs $10/month and the Standard plan $30/month.

You get standard benefits such as access to relaxation time and four times the fast time. You could also add Private visibility for $20 per month.

How to Use Midjourney on Discord

Only works within Discord. To use the Midjourney Discord Bot, you must first join the Discord server and then enter your query in the Newbies section. The Midjourney Bot will show you the result with your name tag. You can also enhance the image using the options below.

You can join the Midjourney beta servers by creating a Discord account and get started for free.

Anyone with a Discord Account can use Midjourney. To create your AI art, the first step is to head to Discord and register an account. Once your account is created, follow these steps to join Midjourney’s beta server.

  1. Confirm that you are logged in to your Discord account.
  2. Open Midjourney’s website now and click on the “Join The Beta” button. Or, access their invite by clicking this link .
  3. To join the server, click on “Accept Invitation”.


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