Hutchinson Trump Wiki – Are you aware of the specifics of the evidence given by a former aide of chief of staff White House chief of staff? The former intern at in the White House during President Trump’s presidency has given evidence to the committee investigating the 6th of January, 2021 Capitol Hill assault. Intern Cassidy Hutchinson made stunning revelations on Tuesday, in this continuing Capitol Hill investigation.

This new information could speed up the investigation and clarify the role of the White House in the incident. The people of America United States are curious about Cassidy Hutchinson Trump, and the Wiki provides details about Cassidy and the testimony of Tuesday.

Cassidy Hutchinson Details:

Hutchinson was an ex-aide of White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and is currently speaking for the Capitol Hill riot case. Cassidy’s testimony is vital since she will be able to present a variety of unreliable details to the investigation team.

  • Name – Cassidy Hutchinson
  • Profession – Intern White House
  • Marital status not yet known
  • Age – 25-26
  • University – Christopher Newport University (2019)
  • Active years 2019-2021
  • Party political – Republican

Cassidy’s statement on the 28th of June reveals direct involvement by his former president in the sixth Jan incident.

Cassidy Hutchinson Trump Testimony 28th June:

According to Cassidy’s testimony Cassidy’s testimony suggests that the White House appears to be directly involved in the Capitol incident. Her testimony stated that the plan in the White House got her concerned about the violence that occurred on 7th Jan 2021. She further stated that phrases such as “proud Boy” along with “oath takesrs” were heard while Rudy Giuliani was in the White House.

In the testimony of Cassidy, Rudy also said that these events are actually happening and that things could get worse after the 6th of January. Hutchinson’s testimony revealed that Hutchinson stated that a agent of the secret service informed the former president that some were carrying guns as well as spears and rifles. Cassidy Hutchinson Meadows recounted that Trump insists on allowing them to pass through the metal detector.

Hutchinson on Direct White House Involvement in Capitol Hill Riot:

The majority of the evidence suggests that Hutchinson was aware of a variety of things relating to the planned 6th January coup. He is required to interrogation of witnesses.

The witnesses have also stated that Trump would like to join his supporters towards Capitol Hill. Cassidy claims that, after telling the crowd to march toward the Capitol the former President attempted to join them however his aides were worried about his security.

Tump on Cassidy Hutchinson:

Former President Barack Obama has responded strongly to the allegations through his new platform Truth Social. He has denied all allegations and claimed, “I hardly know who the person referred to as Cassidy Hutchinson is and heard certain negative comments concerning her.”

He also discussed the car accident and claimed it was completely fake and fake since nothing like it has ever happened.

Final verdict:

Hutchinson’s claim is very serious, and could help strengthen the criminal case against the former president. While Donald Trump has out rightly denied the claim the jury will be able to discover the truth about the incident.

Hutchinson Trump Wiki has quoted many of the claims that were made by Cassidy on June 28. Do you believe Cassidy’s statement is truthful? Do you have any thoughts? Please post them in the comments section. Be aware that all information given are based on the research of internet users.


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