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What caused those Idaho University Students die? Who was responsible for their deaths? Where was the crime committed? Do you want to know more about the design of the murder-house in Idaho? What was the extent to which the investigation progressed? We will go over all the pertinent questions regarding the Idaho murder within this piece.

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Details about the arrangement of Idaho the murderhouse!

A mysterious murder occurred on November 13, 2022, at midnight. The murder was committed by four Idaho student were shot dead the night of the murder. It is believed that the Idaho murder house contains seven bedrooms and three bathroom and a backdoor, according to findings from different sources.

It’s a tri-level residence with bathrooms and bedrooms are scattered across three floors each one with a bathroom with two beds. We’ve provided the social media sites below.

How do I find it? Idaho Murder House Address?

The address of this Idaho murdered house is 112 King Road, Moscow, Idaho. The user who shared the information on Twitter posted a 360-degree view of the house that was used for the murder. The user shared a virtual tour of the Idaho murder house, and also showed the pictures of the rooms that were not included.

Check Idaho murder wiki details!

The Real NameIdaho University student Murder case.
The Murder SiteMoscow, Idaho, US.
Attack detailsMass killing & stabbing.
No.of deathFour students.
The accusedBryan Christopher Kohberger

Learn the Idaho Murder Timeline !

  • 1:45 a.m. 1:45 a.m. XanaKernodile as well as Ethan Chapin, two victims were returned to the off-campus home.
  • 1:56 a.m. 1:56 a.m. – The other two suspects, Madison Mogen and Kaylee Gonclaves, returned to their home.
  • 2:47 a.m. the suspect Bryan Kohberger, took an hour-long journey to Idaho University to Moscow.
  • 2:53 a.m. 2.53 am. Hyundai Elantra that belonged to Kohbergertraveled in between Pullman as well as Moscow.
  • 4 a.m. 4 a.m. XanaKernodle an innocent victim is woken by an DoorDash delivery that wakes a home occupant who is downstairs.
  • 4:04 a.m. The Hyundai Elantra was seen near the house of murder for the fourth time.

More Information ForIdaho Murder House Layout Murder Timeline!

  • 4.12 a.m.4.12 a.m. roommate downstairs hears crying noises coming from the room of Kernodle.
  • 4:17 a.m.Roommate unlocks her door and sees the presence of a man wearing an unidentified mask and wearing black clothes.
  • 4:20 a.m.A White Hyundai Elantra departs the area at a high speed.


According to reports from the last few days According to the latest reports, the police have been cleaning up the home. The latest video shows how they are cleaning procedure of that Idaho home of murder.

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