The article details the story and the news that made it viral on social media. Drew’s Video and Brees Lightning provide the details.

Twitter had posted a photo of an NFL quarterback being struck by lightning early Friday morning. People in the United States believed the news was true. Recent reports state that Brees was not struck with lightning and that the entire episode is fake. For more information, please refer to the Drew Video Brees Lightning .

Sportsbook Company fixes the error

Drew’s admirers immediately went to Twitter to check on Drew’s health. PointsBet Sportsbook also acknowledged Drew’s growing anxiety after the online advertisement was published.

Initialy, the company withheld all information and only tweeted: “We are cognizant of the media controversy over PointsBet spokesperson Drew Brees. We are in contact with Brees and will be monitoring the situation throughout these hours. Drew posted a short message to Twitter shortly after, to assure his followers that he was “fine”.


According to sources Drew told a journalist that Drew was alive and well. A December 2 message stated that Drew Brees had sent Drew Brees an SMS. He claimed to be healthy and not been struck by lightning. He was a former Football player and recorded an advertisement for PointsBet. PointsBet is a gambling company. The footage was taken in Venezuela’s Catatumbo Valley. This is the most important electrical hotspot on the planet. Some people were surprised to discover that Drew was not in danger and the video is authentic.

What’s the deal with Drew Brees.

Many media sites tried to find out if there was something wrong with the video, and some, such as NBC Sports, concluded that it might have been fake. Drew Brees, who was able to verify the authenticity of Drew Brees’ video online, found it hilarious enough to even laugh about. Saints fans might disagree.

Video of viral lighting reaction by fans

Twitter is full of interesting responses to Drew’s fake film. Some people used Twitter to check on Drew’s health or to find out if he was okay. Others turned to humorous memes to poke fun at the situation.


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