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Are you looking to repair your pools by installing new equipment? Are you aware of where to can find equipment for your pool? If you do, then this portal was designed specifically for you. It has a variety of equipment related to water. This site is very well-known throughout both the United States and India.

In the article today on reviews In this article, we will concentrate on the entire details of the website and its collection of products to give an impression of its reliability. Check out the blog below.

What is

It is a distinctive online store. It has a wide selection of kinds of equipment for pools and other equipment. Their equipment for pools includes ground pool cleaners and pools motors clearance, pumps filtering, swimming pool covers lighting for pools and cleaning equipment including drains and skimmer the pool toys and floats as well as diving boards and more. The quality of all its items is impressive. It provides every product needed in pools. However, since it’s an online platform, potential buyers would like to be aware. whether legitimate?

The benefits offered by

  • Its URL
  • The existence of the site:The web portal existed on the 16th of October, 2001.
  • The website will expire at 16/10/2022.The website will expire on the 16th of October, 2022.
  • Support for Email:No details of the Email address are provided on the site.
  • Office address:PO BOX 522730, Longwood, FL 32752 is the official address for the site.
  • Service for delivery:It delivers the order within 7-10 business days.
  • Service for free delivery:It allows free shipping on US purchases of over $25.
  • Standard delivery policy:By following Reviews No information about standard delivery is provided.
  • Call Service:There is no phone number listed on the homepage.
  • Developer details: Patrick, Dave Danny, along with Danny are the web portal’s owners.
  • Social presence on sites:It is present on Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.
  • Return service: It allows return service for 30 days.
  • Payment Options:No logos for payment options are displayed on the homepage.

Merits of

  • It has provided its required office space.
  • It shares the name of the owner of the website.

Demerits of

  • The company has not yet mentioned its contact number.

Is legitimate or a fraud website?

Before signing any deal with the online shopping site buyers should take note of each web page’s details and confirm its legitimacy. These points will help us to assess the site’s credibility:

  • The web portal’s existence: The web portal was created on the 16th of October, 2001.
  • The Trust score:The website’s trust score is high, at 96%..
  • Rate of copying content:The rate of duplicate content on this website portal is at 0%.
  • Discount details: There are no specifics about discounts on items.
  • Accounts with email worthiness: No detail about the email address is disclosed.
  • Logos of social platforms: Under Reviews It’s available across Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.
  • URL of the website: PO BOX 522730, Longwood, FL 32752 is the official address for the site.
  • Exchange Service:No detail on exchange service is available.
  • Return shipping charges: Customers have to cover the cost of return shipping.
  • Alexa World rank Its Alexa worldwide rank for this website is #99433.
  • Service for cancellation of orders: It allows order cancellation prior to the time that the order is sent.
  • Refund time: It refunds the amount to the original payment method.
  • Policies:There are distinct pages for policies on the homepage. Reviews:

There aren’t any reviews from customers on their website about their products. In addition the Alexa Global rank of the website is #99433. The website is accessible on different social media platforms, and a number of reviews of the products are available on social networks and on online portals.


This site offers an amazing experience when it comes to online sales of goods. There are lots of buyers for the products. The trust score of the internet portal is high. There are numerous social logos on its web site and a lot of reviews are available on social networks and on websites that are based on Reviews. It appears to be a genuine website and customers are able to shop for the items they want from the shopping portal.


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